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Ezekiel Elliott Is Not The Player The Cowboys Can’t Live Without

With Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s legal options for staying on the field seemingly exhausted, the team will now find out just how much they will miss the defending rushing champion. And while there’s no doubt that the next six games will be difficult without Elliott’s immense talents, all of the games on the schedule are winnable without him. Now, don’t get me twisted. There isn’t another back on the
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College Football Playoff Opinion/Editorial

College Football Playoff: Why Undefeated is an Automatic Playoff Berth For TCU

Judging by some of the Horned Frogs faithful this week, you would think the sky is falling. As I mentioned in a previous article, TCU and their fans have a major Rodney Dangerfield complex. There is a perception among some, that should TCU pull off the unthinkable and manipulate their 13 game gauntlet unblemished, the College Football Playoff Committee will shun them once again and subject them to the Red
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College Football Playoff Opinion/Editorial TCU

Texas Christian University Horned Frogs: Why TCU Is The Most Dangerous Wildcard In The College Football Playoff Mix

While perusing the latest college football rankings, one noticed that the list is littered with the usual suspects. Alabama Clemson Penn State Georgia Washington TCU Wait, does that say TCU? That’s absurd! Your eyes are not deceiving you. On the strength of consecutive wins against ranked opponents, TCU is #6. They are also sitting at the top of the Big XII, due to their impressive road upset of Oklahoma State
Dallas Cowboys NFL Opinion/Editorial

Dallas Cowboys: Team Reeling After Mile High Blowout

Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson once famously quipped that “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth”. On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys went into Sports Authority Field at Mile High with a plan and were summarily punched in the mouth. They were punched early, often, and then punched again. And by the time they attempted to begin looking for what was left of their teeth, the scoreboard
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Dallas Cowboys NFL Opinion/Editorial

Dallas Cowboys: With RB Ezekiel Elliott Suspended, QB Dak Prescott Will Have To Show NFL MVP Form Early

Dallas Cowboys QB and reigning Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott will have a chance to prove early that his phenomenal rookie campaign was a sign of great things to come. The Cowboys had hoped on Tuesday that second year RB Ezekiel Elliott would be given at least a reduced suspension for domestic violence against former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. They were instead left exasperated by the news that after the