CCL volunteers during 2019 annual Lobby Day Taken by Tyler Gillette
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A Bipartisan Case for a Carbon Tax

By Jacob Abel and Tyler Gillette Columbus OH- A carbon tax is an idea that is gaining steam as a possible policy to address emissions in the United States. As Republicans, we have seen during conversations with congressional staff and with our peers that they often have three big questions when the possible implementation of a carbon tax is brought up. They are: Why is a carbon tax needed? How
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Pat Mcafee: Why He Is Sports’ New Game Changer!

by Tyler Gillette Columbus OH- As Pat would say “No Free Ads”, but I want the world to see the content machine named Pat Mcafee. I became hooked when I decided to listen to every episode of his podcast starting last year and now I am an avid fan. If you do not know who Pat Mcafee is look him up now. He has been all over the internet recently.
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Texas Longhorns Football: Why Texas is Back!

AUSTIN, TX -- The Texas Longhorns downfall after their loss to Alabama in 2010 has been in discussion for years about when will Texas be back as a national contender. As a longtime fan of Texas, I believe that Texas is back despite Saturday’s close win against a 2-5 Kansas and two losses against LSU and Oklahoma. I think Texas has been back since winning last year’s Sugar Bowl against