Takes this down the road, take this car down the hill or take this car to run errands, this one is fit for all your needs.

The uber cool Ford Flex is a car that cannot be compared with any other options. It fits the category of a minicar, large family car, and a wagon. The all three specifications of a vehicle can be seen in this one.

Talking about this Ford Flex SE SUV, this one car model will surely not disappoint you. The new model is now updated with rearview cameras and is upgraded with Sync 3 Ford feature. This car is sure to uplift your spirits by it smooth interiors, comfortable driving and impressive road structure to go on a road trip soon.

You can also check out other Ford cars for sale in NY. This car will make you fall in love with itself because of its features. Following are some of the features of the car.

· Fuel Economy: The model comes with V6 engine and has a 6-speed automatic transfer feature. The automatic drive system is related to the front wheel system, and the standard drive feel is optional. The model has the presence of enormous fuel engine that boasts of 3.5-liter fuel and is way too economical. There is no unnecessary fuel consumption and saves your money. The existence of paddle shifters and all-wheel drive is a standard feature present in this car model.

· Standard Features and Options: The car model comes with a leather-covered steering wheel to better your grip. It has got Bluetooth system and voice command feature. Further, it boasts of the rear parking system. The alloys wheels help you in giving a better grip on the road. The headlights are automatically controlled and the auto dimmer for the rearview mirror. There is the presence of cruise system. Further, it even rejuvenates your music system by providing six system stereo system.

The other features of the car include speakers that are present with 12 speaker audio capacity and come with auto control cruise system. This even includes a rooftop system that is auto controlled and adaptive wheels on the road.

· Safety: Keeping in mind the safety of the passengers the car has the presence of automatic disc brakes that help the driver in immediate disc placement. There is the presence of airbags for all the passengers covering all the three rows. The airbags are inflatable and a secure seat belt presence.

· Interiors: The interiors of the car are eye-catching and oh so appealing. The seats are all leather covered, and the driver seat is made even more comfortable by the presence of cushiony top. The dashboard is rather exclusively designed, and the rooftop opening is just impressive.

All in all this car is the total package of appeal and comfort. Drive it down the road or a hill and have a fantastic experience on the way. Fall in love with the car that does not fit any of the car categories. Go down the road.

Author bio: Luis Clarke has written this post on Ford Flex SE SUV, which is known for being the best option if you are looking for comfort and luxury at an affordable price. He has recently purchased this car and quite happy with the experience. He has also mentioned about Ford cars for sale in NY.

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