Supercharger for Your Car

Auto performance has long been associated with horsepower. Muscle cars throttle noisily and use their supercharger to speed along the street. Adding these boosters to your car has been popular for years and continues to be so.

A recent report from Verified Market Research valued the automotive supercharger market at over $7 billion in 2021. Experts expect the market to reach over $11 billion by 2028 with a growth rate of over five percent annually over that time. 

Here are a few things to consider when looking to up your auto performance with a supercharger.

What Is a Supercharger?

The term supercharger is the name for an air compressor. Drivers use this compressor to increase the pressure of the air flowing into an engine. This ups the auto performance by providing more oxygen to burn the fuel. 

Some of the earliest versions of a supercharger for cars were driven by power taken from the crankshaft. This was usually done by a belt, chain, or gear. 

Superchargers provide a boost in horsepower and added fuel economy. Connecting your engine intake to a supercharger might add anywhere from 50 to 100 horsepower for your auto performance.  

Positive Displacement Supercharger

A positive displacement supercharger provides the best combination of auto performance and daily driving requirements when looking to increase horsepower. These superchargers deliver a fixed volume of air per revolution.

A root-style and twin-screw systems are the two major types of positive displacement superchargers. These technologies come in supercharger kits from reliable manufacturers such as Whipple. 

Whipple Superchargers take your auto performance to the next level. They stand among the highest-performing superchargers on the market. Before combustion, Whipple Superchargers efficiently compress the air utilizing a twin-screw design. This provides more power with lower temperatures.

Centrifugal Superchargers

A centrifugal supercharger is a specialized booster that’s attached to the engine intake. These superchargers use centrifugal force to increase the air pressure. This gets more horsepower out of the engine. 

Centrifugal superchargers are like turbochargers. They use an impeller to provide the engine with compressed air.

These superchargers use a pulley connected to a belt to get the impeller spinning. This forces the centrifugal compressor to rely on engine speed to produce the most added horsepower and auto performance.

Other Considerations

You’ll need to think about which supercharger fits your car best. There are different superchargers for different makes, models, and engine types. Each one comes at a different price and either may or may not include a warranty.

You’ll also want to consider what you’ll use the supercharger for. Some superchargers are designed for racing, which means they might not be street legal. 

Auto Performance Solutions and More

Deciding on a new supercharger for your car can be difficult. But once you’ve installed a new supercharger kit, you’ll see an improvement in your auto performance. And Whipple Superchargers might be the best of the bunch. 

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