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As an automotive aficionado, I am always attentive to car news. One that has caught my attention is Chevrolet’s revelation of their 2018 Camaro L1 NASCAR Cup racecar. It is no longer a concept but reality. For years, Chevrolet’s number one choice of a vehicle for NASCAR racing has been the iconic Chevrolet SS. However, the company announced they would discontinue the production of SS in 2017 back in 2014.

Fans of the performance sedan had only one question lingering in their minds – what would be Chevrolet’s next move? Everyone kept guessing for up to three years. Luckily, Chevy made the much-awaited announcement on a much to the delight of automotive lovers. Chevrolet 2018 Camaro L1 NASCAR will make its racing debut somewhere in the second month of 2018 during the much appreciated Daytona


What if you want a car you can drive on the track as well as on the streets? Can you find a Camaro L1 that could be suitable? The answer is yes, the Camaro ZL1 1LE. Here is a brief review of what to expect from this new wonderful car.

Powerful Engine


The car is looking great and is equipped with wonderful features and specifications that will make it one of the best performing sports cars if you were to ask me. The car is armed with 650-horsepower supercharged engine as well as a 90-degree V8 configuration to compete even with the meanest racing cars. This power is much better than that of its automotive predecessors.

Aerodynamic Design for Optimal Performance

Chevy engineers used an array of tools such as computational fluid dynamics analysis as well as reduced-scale and full-scale wheel tunneling testing. These features are included too in the Camaro ZL1 are to maximize aerodynamic performance while at the same time maintaining the new car’s design character. Chances are; these features will make the new sports car unbeatable in the racing track.

The 2018 Camaro ZL1 sports car is specially designed for the track although it does not lose its wonderful iconic look. This means the car is meant to build on the unwavering and winning legacy of the outgoing Chevrolet SS, which has so far won up to 70 Cup Series wins and given Chevy an earning record of as much as 39 NASCAR designer titles. The record includes as much as 13 back-to-back titles from 2003 to 2015; that is twelve years at the top. With the expected entry of Camaro ZL, one could only expect Chevrolet to continue its winning streak.

Versatile Model

Any automotive aficionado will love a car that allows them to add a personal touch. All great cars allow for this kind of remodeling. This Camaro ZL1 allows its customers the ability to choose and personalize their dream car. For instance, you can add a suitable car subwoofer to allow you to enjoy your favorite music while driving. It suffices to say you that you can make any changes, as you might like them to match your taste and preferences.

Unique Carbon Fiber Wing

One of the most notable features of this race car is the carbon fiber wing designed to hustle the Camaro around the courses of the road faster with as much as 80 percent downward force compared to the existing Camaros. The wing makes a lot of difference in this car when it comes to aesthetics of the car to overall performance. It is an iconic feature of the Camaros.

Great Wheels


If the photos of this new car are something to go by, it seems the package will ride on whopping 19-inch Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R tires that are wrapped on forged aluminum wheels. These new wheels outperform Pirelli Trofeo R tires found on the previous models. The Goodyear tires are excellent and they will stay consistent as you race for as much as 15 minutes.

Is This Car Road Compliant?

The question I believe most automotive enthusiasts are asking is whether the Camaro ZL1 will be road-compliant given the fact that it was designed to be a racecar. According to the manufacturers, the car features some road compliance. However, the car features stiffer springs, solidly mounted cradles, struts as well as low-profile high-performance wheels seem to speak another language.

Nevertheless, some street driving would be necessary. For that, the car has the usual necessities found in its predecessors. Such necessities include comfortable and supportive Recaro seats, heated steering wheel, heated and cooled front seats as well as MyLink infotainment system featuring an 8-inch color touchscreen. It also has Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay, Bose audio system and Android capabilities.


Discussing all the information available on the 2018 Camaro ZL1 is beyond the scope of this article. However, I believe you have learned something and as an automotive lover, you could be itching to have a feel of the car. Many new sports cars out there may not be as good as this Camaro on the track but have excellent road compliance.

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