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Baltimore Ravens: Buy or Sell against the Dallas Cowboys?


November 18, 2016

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In week 11 NFL action the Baltimore Ravens travel to take on the Dallas Cowboys. This will be a solid test for both teams. For the Ravens and their solid defense can they stop the now high-powered Cowboys offense? Can the Ravens offense move the ball against the Cowboys defense? Are you buying or selling the Baltimore Ravens against the Dallas Cowboys?

Ravens offense vs Cowboys defense

The Baltimore Ravens offense has had its struggles in 2016. At times they look like a high-powered offense that can move the ball and then at times they putter like an old car. The Ravens are currently ranked 25th on offense, 333 yards per game. That is indicative of an old car. The Cowboys defense is ranked 12th in the league allowing 346 yards per game. Number indicates that the Baltimore Ravens should be able to move the ball. I feel that is this is to happen the onus is going to fall on Joe Flacco. That can sometimes be a bad thing. Which offense is going to show up Sunday?

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Ravens defense vs Cowboys offense

The Baltimore Ravens defense is playing the best it has a long time. They are currently ranked as the number 1 overall defense in the NFL. This is by far the best defense that the Cowboys will have faced during this win streak. Can the Ravens defense stop the 3rd ranked Cowboys offense? Dallas is averaging 412 yards of offense per game, while the Ravens defense is only giving up 281 yards per game. These 2 high rankings entities are going butt heads all day. Which one will crack first? Is this the game in which Dak and company met their match? If the Cowboys solve this puzzle then we can start some serious talk about representing the NFC.

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Sunday is going to come down to one thing; which team will crack first? In the case of the Cowboys, will Dak Prescott finally have a bad game? Will we finally see how the Cowboys handle adversity? The Cowboys train has to eventually slow down and I think this is the week. I am buying the Baltimore Ravens over the Dallas Cowboys.

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