Baltimore Ravens to London
The Baltimore Ravens will be the first to go by cruise ship for the international London game and will be the first time the Ravens are playing in London.

The Baltimore Ravens are known for being unique and help their players in whichever way they can before gameday.


That is why they will be the first ever to take a ship to the London International game on September 24 according to an article from Baltimore

Also, this will be the first time ever the Ravens are playing at Webley Stadium in London, UK.

They will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars for week 3 in 2017.

Jacksonville Jaguars re-sign their own

Right after the week 2 game, they will be launching from the Port of Baltimore.

This voyage takes under seven days and will help the players adjust to the new time zone.

While this is a new experience for the Baltimore Ravens, this is an annual game the Jaguars play every year so the results should be interesting.

According to John Harbaugh, taking a ship to London is “cutting edge” and also mentioned things like team bonding as benefits for taking a ship.


The Ravens decided on making this happen after they were announced to play in London in 2017 in December. They did research on the international travel and the effects of the time change on athletes.

Fatigue, stiff/ sore joints, and anxiety are things that happen in transitioning through different time zones. These things occur after a flight so they look to avoid that on a boat.

The cruise liner the Ravens will be taking to London will have a regulation football field for practicing before the game. This is so they do not miss valuable reps and practice time.

There will also be a full training/weight room and also will have entertainment for the players like a wave pool. This helps keep the players engaged while having fun on a new experience.

In the future, I could see teams doing the same thing for the London games or any other international football game.

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