Beauty requires sacrifice? We don’t agree on it. Here is a fantastic list of tips that will be light on your pocket and will help you stun as ever. On this New Year it’s time to go for different makeup routine to achieve the look you have always dreamed of.

Mascara Is Enough:

If you cannot find your eyeliner it is the right time to take full advantage of your mascara. Take your mascara tube and make sure that the wand has enough products on it. Place it upside down. Now take a liner brush and take some mascara formula from the wand into your brush and apply the way you apply your gel eyeliner.

Fixing Mascara:

Eye lash makeup has an average life span of 3-6 months. If it dries out before this or if you want it to last longer these amazing tricks is for you. First of all do not pump your mascara too much, this allows air to enter it and make your mascara dry earlier. Secondly, in emergency situation you can use general eye drops to give a new life to your mascara. Last but not the least you can put your mascara tube into a glass full of hot water to give it life.

Ideal eyebrows:

For an excellent eyebrow design first you need you set you natural eyebrows at place. Clear mascara works as a hair spray setter. It sets your eyebrows at place for longer time period. After setting your eyebrows let them dry and fill them with a color pencil to get the perfect eyebrow shape you are dreaming of.

The Concealer Technique:

Applying concealer directly on your under eye with several thick strokes will highlight the flaws. The right way to apply conceal under your eyes is to make a triangular shape between your nose, eyes and check bone and blend it well. This technique sculpts your face too.

Make It Matte:

To make your lip color look matte follow these steps. Apply your lipstick, take a tissue paper, fold it and press it between your lips this will soak the entire greasy ingredient present in the lipstick. Now take translucent powder and apply it on to your lips for final touch.

Natural Makeup Remover:

Sometimes removing water proof mascara, gel liners, matte lipsticks and creamy eyeshadows get on our nerves. Makeup remover is the solution. Oops! You don’t have one? Well coconut oil can do this for you. Take a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe the makeup off. It may take a minute but natural things are the best ones.

DIY Mask:

Tired of facial hairs? This DIY mask can help you get rid of them. For this mask you need grounded oat meal, honey and lemon juice mix in same proportion, apply and massage gently. It will not only help you to remove facial hairs but it will also exfoliate your skin.

Prevent Acne:

Our surrounding is full of dirt, debris, hazardous gasses and chemicals. Secondly applying makeup can also cause acne. Therefore, it is recommended to remove your makeup before going to sleep and cleanse your face at night to prevent your skin from any breakouts.

Dehydrate Your Nails Before Applying Nail Polish:

Dehydrating your nails before applying your makeup will make it stay longer. You can use a nail polish remover to remove any access of water or oil from your nail bed.

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