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Ben Affleck Cast As New Batman In Man Of Steel Sequel, What Is Warner Bros Thinking?

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In what many consider a shocking announcement, Warner Bros announced the casting of Oscar-winning actor/director Ben Affleck(Good Will Hunting, The Town) as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman in the highly anticipated Batman/Superman “Man Of Steel” 2015 sequel. 

Affleck, who would recently score an Oscar for Best Picture in Argo, is set to take the Caped Crusader in an entirely different direction.

With the official announcement coming late Thursday night, reaction on social media has been swift and mostly negative due his maligned—Bennifer anyone!—performance in the box-office bomb also known as Daredevil, leaves comic book fans everywhere wondering was Adam West not available?

I mean holy smokes!  Judging by the universal reaction of shock and head-scratching—and that’s putting it nicely—you could swear that Batman fans will call in Gotham City SWAT, Commissioner Gordon and even recruit the Joker(rest in peace, Heath Ledger) if you they have to, because Affleck casting as the Dark Knight as the biggest casting fail in comic-geek history.   

For all of his hit-or-miss roles in indie films such as Chasing Amy, summer blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor, Armageddon to his turn behind the camera as director in The Town and Argo, Affleck is as much as a mixed bag as an actor as anyone can ever want, let alone the heir to Christian Bale’s epic take on the conflicted and dark anti-hero such as Batman.

Sorry, comic book fans, but the joke is on you and no one is laughing. 

Depending on how the rest of the Man of Steel sequel cast fills out, Affleck as Batman is as believable as Justin Bieber is as Robin. 

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