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Best Marmaris Trips: Boats, Safari and So on

Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world flock together in Marmaris during the peak season. You might wonder, what makes Marmaris such a tourist magnet. Well, there are several common answers to this question- some may say it nature, some might say it the geographical location. But technically the answer is something else

While the natural aesthetics and favorable geographical location do play a vital role. The main reason behind the over the flow of tourist is “the availability of fun and exciting trip packages” at a very cheap-favorable price. Here in this article, I will bring together some of the hot favourite Trips in Marmaris.

The Famous Boat Trips:

Boating trips are the best selling one-day trips in Marmaris. Being a port city, it is favourable to go to several beautiful locations easily via the waterways. Taking this advantage into account the boat trips in Marmaris have become popular.

All-inclusive boat trip:

The All-inclusive boat trip package is one of the most popular boating packages. In this very budget-friendly package, people can easily travel around the coastline of Marmaris and cover beautiful places like Paradise island, Turunc village, Phosphorous cave, Aquarium Bay, etc.

The foods and transportation are included with the package.

Dalyan Boat trip

The Dalyan boat trip is one of the most peaceful journeys by boat that you will find. Dalyan river is an exciting spot to take mud baths. Besides, the Lycian King’s tomb will give you a sense of historical significance as well. The history enthusiasts must take this trip into account.

Pirate boat trip

The pirate boat trip in Marmaris is a semi luxurious boat trip and very interesting. The fun lovers and party animals will just love this boat trip. It has the provision of a foam party, and DJ party with cool animations.

The buffet-style lunch in a cozy air-conditioned dining hall will fill up your appetite to the full. You will also get unlimited drinks on this boat trip. For the people who sought unlimited party, this is the best trip package that you will get in Marmaris.

The exciting Safaris

Marmaris is not just about Water. A substantial portion of its beauty lies in the land as well. If you want to explore the beautiful pine forest, the safari packages are designed just for you.

The Horse Safari

Several Horse clubs in Marmaris arranges the Horse safari. For any nature lover, this trip is pure bliss. In this 1 and half hours of journey, you will be riding through the pine forests, orchards, and vegetable gardens.

If you want you can have the pleasure to dip your leg in peaceful calm waters of the river. Or visit the local villages and get to know about their lifestyle.


The Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari is more of an adventurous bumpy ride through the heart of Marmaris dry land. There will be a group of Jeeps each carrying around 8 people. The whole mountainous road will be fun and exciting with cheerful groups.

You will be able to take a break at Turgut waterfall, and take lunch in some local Turkish restaurant.

Must have bucket list items

Each tourist spots comes with a unique opportunity to do something fun and unique, which you may or may not find in other places. Similar opportunities are also available in Marmaris.

Swim with the Dolphins

Dolphins are lovely animals who love to make friends with humans. The Marmaris Dolphinarium is located on the long beach near Icmeler. Here you will be able to enjoy Dolphin show and swim with them.

Don’t forget to take some photos to spam your Instagram feeds.

Diving trip

The underwater world of Marmaris is a fascinating sphere. If you love the nature of Marmaris, you are sure to fall in love with its underwater diversity as well. The beautiful and colorful fish and calm deep blue water will astonish your mind.

The novice people will also be able to take this opportunity with a little practice. So, don’t forget to cross off this item from your bucket list.

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath is a legacy and witness of cultural fusion in this part of the world. The aristocratic bathing style with water, foam, and herbal ingredients is sure to provide you with the most luxurious bathing experience you can ever have.

Try to take the special Turkish Bath package with massage and aromatherapy. And you should take it at the beginning of your tour to retain your tan.


The trips listed above are the most exciting, and best-seller trips that you can get in Marmaris. Try to book most of them to make your stay in Marmaris a very memorable one.


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