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What is the best family theme park
Looney Toons Characters at Six Flags

What Is The Best Theme Park For Families?

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I was standing in line on Gatekeeper at Cedar Point when I came across a father and son who were visiting the park for the youngsters first roller coasters. The child was so happy to be able to ride the coaster with his father and seems thrilled to share the theme park experience with him.

This got me thinking of what other theme park locations are good for families and young thrill seekers. I’ve narrowed the list down to a select few.

Walt Disney World
Most obvious park on the list, this family theme park is tops for a young child. With its recognizable characters from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear, it’s a dream come true for most young children. Take into consideration that most of the parks are kid friendly, from It’s a Small World to Seven Dwarves Mine Train, the rides can suit just about any age.

Six Flags

Here’s one that you might not think about when dealing with children. Not only does Six Flags feature the Looney Tunes characters, but also the D.C. Comics characters as well. You can meet Superman and Batman, and ride their signature coaster as well. There is a mix of thrills for the newest coaster fanatic, as well as tame rides for the youngest of thrill seekers.

Cedar Fair
I mention Cedar Fair parks because they have some award-winning kids themed areas. With Planet/Camp Snoopy featured at their parks, many of Cedar Fair’s locations are ideal for children. Featuring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, Cedar Fair is very good about showcasing their characters. However, like Six Flags, there is a great mixture of thrills and kids rides.

Universal Studios
Orlando’s other park, Universal Studios is home to a collection of themed attractions that feature characters such as Minions, Shrek, Harry Potter, and Marvel Superhero’s. In fact, it’s a great place for the kids who have outgrown the pixie dust of WDW and are looking for a little more thrill.

With the addition of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to the list, you can’t forget their California additions. Disneyland in Anaheim features a Cars themed area of the park, something young fans of the movie will no doubt enjoy. Universal Studios Hollywood is similar to that of its Orlando sister park but is more accessible to the West Coast traveler.

Six Flags and Cedar Fair have locations all across North America, including Canada and Mexico. Each park features a collection of different rides, attractions, and some similar ones as well. They are really great parks to enjoy with a child of any age.

These are just the big parks. I’m sure there are many other small amusement parks out there which kids can enjoy. You’ve just got to keep an eye out for the hidden gems of the theme park world.

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