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Blog: Fans Rock The Q At Cavs Draft Party, Cheer Wiggins Selection

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The 2014 Cavs Draft Party was anything but boring last Thursday, as over 11,000 fans at Quicken Loan Arena got to see who the No.1 pick was going to be. The Q was buzzed with fan anticipation about the much-anticipated No.1 Draft pick.

Who would be chosen? Would it be former Kansas swingman Andrew Wiggins or would it be Duke’s forward Jabari Parker? Or maybe Kansas center Joel Embiid, who just had foot surgery.

Another scenario was that the Cavaliers would trade down and get a star player. I asked the question to Wine and Gold United member, Joe Stanevich, if he thought LeBron James would come back to to Cleveland? Stanevich stated that he liked the scenario if the Cavaliers would trade their No. 1 pick and obtain Minnesota power forward Kevin Love. With Love and LeBron on the team, the Cavaliers would be back on the map.

There were a lot of fans who wanted Wiggins because he could bring talent and can play at both ends of the court. John Hauser said he liked both Wiggins and Parker, but believed that Parker would go to Boston and the Cavaliers would pick Wiggins. Hauser said he didn’t think LeBron would come back to Cleveland.

The Draft Party started at 6 p.m. on the concourse. You needed a wristband to get in and it was well worth it. When you entered the concourse your heard live music from The Skinny Moo Band. There was fun for the whole family. Season ticket-holders had the opportunity to shoot free throws on the Cavaliers court, an interactive basketball “Fan Zone” on the arena floor and the opportunity for fans to stop by the Cavs “Legend Table” to meet them and receive their autograph cards.

There were contests all evening to enter and win prizes. The Grand Prize drawing was at the end of the first round, where one lucky person won a Cavs suite.

The evening was jammed packed and rocking with fun. ESPN was shown on the Q-Tube all evening, but when 7:35 came, the countdown was on who would be picked. The moment when NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver to announce the Cleveland Cavaliers selection of Wiggins, there was much screaming with happiness.

The Q was flooded with hand-clapping and people jumping up and down. No doubt in my mind that people were extremely happy with the Cavs pick.

Some fans I spoke with after the selection said they were pleased because last year’s selection of Anthony Bennett wasn’t the wisest one. On the other hand, 2011 pick, Kyrie Irving has done well with the team and hope that Wiggins will have that type of positive impact on the team.

We were able to actually go back and see the locker rooms of the Cavaliers and their changing booths. Also, we were able to see other rooms where stars get ready and the Cavalier girls changing room, plus where other teams change.

Tim, the security officer, showed us where the family room is where wives relax with the children, complete with a nursery.

There is a restaurant in the same area as the locker rooms plus there is a lounge where you can eat and watch the game on the big screen. There are chefs that cook in the lounge. The whole set up was dynamic.  I have to say that I enjoyed meeting the fans and talking about the Draft and seeing their eyes light up when Wiggins name was mentioned. It was an awesome experience all the way around.

Cleveland made a wise choice this time, and I feel that both Wiggins and Blatt can help change the face of the Cavaliers, and just like the fans I spoke with, I am looking forward to the 2014-15 season with grant anticipation.

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