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Boston Celtics: J.R. Smith and Celtics are not a good fit

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Per reports, the Boston Celtics are interested in signing J.R. Smith but to do so they must clear salary cap space. Not a good move for either party. Here’s why.

The Celtics are on the verge of something great and adding Smith will force their hand. To make space that means a player that you value, contributed over the last two seasons will no longer be. Chemistry is hard to find in any sport but the Celtics are one of the exceptions. They have built either through the draft or with smart offseason decisions.

With the signing of Smith, that will all vanish. While Smith is coming off two straight NBA Finals appearances he still is J.R. The same player that will take contested shots, walk around the city for two days with no shirt and has a tendency to ignore plays called on the floor and do him. This is not the player the Celtics need on this team.

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Smith has skills but he comes with so much baggage, he will need two lockers. Where will he play? Will Smith be willing to come off the bench after starting for the Champs? Will the Celtics force Avery Bradley to the bench? Smith is a shooter. He can shoot you in a game and he can shoot you out. His talent is not fit for the Celtics. Danny Ainge went and got Al Horford for his low post scoring and Smith has no respect for post players.

If I had to choose between he and Bradley, it’s Bradley all day long. The Celtics do not want to fall into the Golden State Warriors trap and think big names are the way to go. They are good but the best big names are the ones an organization has built on their own. The ones that know each other after enduring hard times as a unit. Smith has been on three teams during his career and has caused some type of issue each stop. This is not the Celtics way.



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