Coming from a background of professional experience, Brandon Beavis knew the importance of investing. On the other hand, he also knew how tricky understanding finance can be for those who lack the basic knowledge and have nowhere to start as he too was a beginner a few years back. Thus, Brandon knew he had to make a change for all who wish to learn to invest but struggle to begin with it.

When Brandon became a fully licensed investing advisor at the age of 20, he went on to gain practical experience by working at his father’s investment firm for 4 years where he helped manage multi-million dollar client portfolios. Thus, he was now ready to take his knowledge to educate other people around. As he had the ability to break down complex topics into easy to understand videos, he built the Brandon Beavis Investing YouTube channel.

Here Brandon would upload content for beginners and all those who wanted to learn how to properly invest in the stock market for the long term. Since his aim was to set people up for long term success, his videos focused on dividends, passive income, and proper portfolio management instead of short term trading strategies like day trading or forex that carry a lot of risk. However, what separated Brandon from other young traders and investors was the fact that the information he taught was time-tested, as he was guided by his father, Marc’s 25+ years of experience.

Even though during the initial years Brandon earned zero dollars from his YouTube channel, he still uploaded a video every week to build a strong following. As a result, slowly his work started to grasp the attention and with time he branched off into other areas, such as podcasts. Now that people were interested in his initiative, Brandon decided to launch The Investing Academy Training Course that would provide complete guidance to all those who were completely new or recently entered the evolving world of finance.

Today, Brandon’s YouTube channel has over 150,000 subscribers and has also achieved the YouTube silver plaque, making Brandon Beavis Investing the largest Canadian focused channel about stock market investing. Along with this, his content now includes a complete playlist of various topics such as, investing for beginners, what stocks to buy, how to build a portfolio from scratch, planning for retirement, and how to create passive income. To further motivate viewers, Brandon’s channel description states “It’s the ones that take action today that will be rewarded years down the road.”



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