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Alexander Jean Ojjeh: Former Hedge Fund Manager Allegedly Paid Woman He Meet On Instagram For Loyalty and Sex

An unidentified master’s student living in London claims to have met Alex Ojjeh, a hedge funder on Instagram after the pair exchanged messages. She claims that she was swept off her feet by him and he eventually became less romantic. In fact, Alex was cold, possessive controlling and manipulative. Since the investor has deleted his Instagram but is still using Twitter. According to the woman Alex Ojjeh is a textbook narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. She admits that

Simple ways to save your Money

Most of the people toil the whole month to receive their salary on their payday. At once, we end up thinking of ways to spend that hard-earned money. We make a lot of purchases and dine out more often. Amidst all these, we tend to forget ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned’. People need to realize that personal financing is as important as earning money. There are multiple instruments
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Best Ways To Make Money Online While Traveling In 2020

When traveling the world with a limited budget, the idea of making money while traveling goes through our minds. Winning money along the way will give you the opportunity to travel more time and meet new places. With internet access almost everywhere, it has become easier for travelers to get money while they explore the world, all this depending on their skills and how much time they are willing to
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Looking Back to Look Ahead

Since the earliest iterations of society, individuals have revered the notion of garnering wealth, pursuing both traditional and innovative ways to meet financial goals. Though financial assets have evolved somewhat throughout modernization periods, the potential benefits of acquiring holdings have remained intact. Thus, financial and wealth experts have long generated a breadth of knowledge for the benefit of the general public, predicting potential shifts in global and local economies and
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Money Advices: 6 Rules That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know

Mastering your finances may seem like a daunting task, but like everything in life, money management can be learned. Although this process does require time and effort, the basic financial principles remain the same and are in fact, fairly simple. Here are six money advices to get you started. Manage your finances together with your partner Working through finances together with your partner and setting financial goals is a great
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How Millennials Are Changing the State of Home Ownership

Buying and owning your own home used to be a huge part of the stereotypical American Dream. A big front yard, white picket fence, two-story house — it almost sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, for many millennials, that dream has been forced to change over the years. Millennials just aren’t buying houses the way previous generations did, and there are several reasons why.  In 2016, the homeownership rate
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How To Use A Short Term Loan To Boost Your Business

By Lauren Bracy If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who’s just starting out, you know how difficult it can be to manage your finances and pay for all the initial expenses that come with the territory. Whether you’re dealing with a short-term financial shortage or need to expand your product line due to sudden demand, you might find yourself needing a convenient and fuss-free short-term loan. Taking out
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Important Things to Look for In Choosing a Crane Hire Service

By Oliva Wilson Industrial equipment that is used to lift heavy loads from one place to another and is controlled by a cable is called a crane. Generally, it is mounted on the rubber tired crawlers for easy movement. The difference between a hydraulic and a crane is that in the hydraulic powered crane the telescopic boom is placed on a carrier which looks like a truck. It requires very
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Making The Switch From Free Casino Games To Real Money

By Rick Slot The vast majority of players who decide to try themselves out in the online gambling world do that for one particular reason – it’s fun. That’s why these players usually start with free online games, nothing to pay, nothing to lose; it sounds like a perfect way to kill some time relaxing to your favorite game. But there comes the time when, according to several researches and
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The Average Mortgage Rate Is on a Downward Trend. Here’s How You Can Take Advantage of It.

If you’re currently in the market for a home or an apartment, then you are in luck. According to the latest reports, the long-term US mortgage rates are on a steady decline, making the property market that much more appealing to first-time buyers and property investors alike. The steady decline brings the average mortgage rate closer to the lowest rate ever recorded, which dates back to 1971. The downward trend