Photo: Mark Podolak/Cleveland Browns

As the winless Cleveland Browns prepare to face the Minnesota Vikings across the pond in London, could a possible new logo be in the works?

As first reported on well-esteemed—and a favorite site of mines!—uniform website, Uni Watch, the Cleveland Browns are using a special circle-shaped English soccer-style social media avatar for their trip across the pond, with the words Browns United on it.

Designed by Cleveland Browns art director, Mark Podolak, the crest has eight stars, symbolizing the franchise’s eight football championships, 16 stripes for each player in the Hall of Fame, a brown/white stripe cutting diagonally thru with a “46” for the year the team was founded by Paul Brown.

Using the popular slogan of #UnitedByStripes along with the soccer-style #BrownsUnited as a way of getting the brand out there, could this be a soft launch of a possible new logo.

It’s no secret that Cleveland prides itself as being the only team to not have a logo, as many fans point to this as a badge of honor. When rumors first began back in 2015 of the new uniforms and logo, many fans were against the Browns even having a logo.

Ultimately, the team rolled out their now-current uniforms and their much-maligned “new logo” was just the same Browns helmet with a slightly brighter tint of orange.

Obviously, the Browns franchise—rightfully so—got trolled by many in the NFL and fans across social media of “pulling a Cleveland Brown” or “browning” due to the much-hyped and underwhelming execution of both the horrific uniforms and updated orange helmet logo.

Much like the current 0-7 product on the field, Cleveland’s marketing brand lacks an identity.

In marketing, branding is key, as it allows consumers to properly identify, what your product is and what it stands for, in this Insta-culture of hot, snappy and flashy logo designs, Cleveland’s helmet logo reminds many of Grandpa. Nothing against the elderly, or anyone’s grandparents, but in today’s modern age, you need a logo that fans, marketers and merchandisers will be attracted to.

If one were to go to Podolak’s Twitter feed, I’m not the only one who has surmised that the avatar may be being used in a “soft launch” of a possible new visual identity for the Browns. If early feedback on both his Twitter and Instagram, @markpodolak is any indication, then the normally blue-collar and logo-less proud diehard’s wouldn’t mind an update to Cleveland’s look.

It’s classy, simple, well-designed and sharp. It honors the Browns past success, while taking the franchise’s look into the modern-day social media world of today.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but don’t be shocked if the Browns—are are also rumored to be wearing all-white helmets, and new uniforms by 2020—may decide to add the Browns United avatar to their new look in the near future.

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