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Bucs TE’s Are Going To Be Cornerstone For Winston Success

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did a lot to help Jameis Winston in the passing attack this year, through free agency and draft, Winston now has all the tools to continue to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. With last years team, Winston threw for over 4,000 yards, including 28 touchdowns, he is destined to improve his previous numbers. With the acquisitions of DeSean Jackson, through free agency, also adding O.J. Howard and Chris Goodwin, this already explosive offense, has improved greatly.

Yet with the amount of success that Winston has had, his cornerstone for success will be with the Tight Ends, Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard. While most success will come through Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, but as the two will have the primary focus from the defensive coordinator, Brate and Howard will have many open seams down the middle of the field. Brats did very well last year with Winston, having 57 receptions for a total of 660 yards and 8 TDs. While this is Howard’s first year in the NFL, last year in NCAAF at The University of Alabama he had 45 receptions and 595 yards with 3 TDs. It has been well known that Mike Evans is Winstons “Go-To” receiver, but when it comes down to crunch time, Brate and Howard will be there to “bail” Winston out of a bad situation or a goal line situation. Howard has high expectations, being drafted in the first round, was called one of the best Tight Ends to ever be drafted in the first round, and he will have to prove that this year as he helps Winston lead this offense to multiple victories.

With the success of Brate and Howard, Winston will easily crush all of his previous year’s numbers, along with improving their own stats as well. Brate and Howard will be the main cornerstone for Winston, considering the running game is still a little shaky, and the two wideouts will be covered and the main focus of the opposing defensive coordinator. Howard and Brate could easily be the best tight end duo in the NFL this year, and with the help of Winston, they will easily show it this year.

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