Eager to start a career in the trucking industry? Well, when we say trucking business, it basically involves operating with reliable and safe trucks that can deliver goods, that is, freight, and/or passengers from one point to another. And if it’s a long-haul transport business you have in mind, then a semi truck sleeper would best work for you.

As you know, there are trucks best suited for transporting cargoes while others are just right for taking groups of passengers to wherever they desire to go. But, with the type of trucking venture you have chosen, make sure that you get the appropriate vehicle that matches your requirements and budget.

Businesses Which Require the Use of a Semi Truck Sleeper

Do you already have something in mind when it comes to the type of business your semi truck sleeper would be used for? Well, here are a few examples to choose from which are considered by experts as money-making ventures.

1. Reefer truck service

For sure, you’ve already heard about refrigerated trailers and cooling vans. While both vehicles are designed to transport perishable and temperature-sensitive goods on long distances, the refrigerated trailers also commonly known as reefer trucks, are long-bodied since they are actually semi trucks pulling refrigerated trailers.

The reefer has an active cooling system while the cooling van just has the insulation and ventilation installed. The advantage of reefers is that you can change the temperature setting of the unit without necessarily altering the product’s temperature. Fresh produce and frozen meats are the cargoes commonly delivered through the reefer truck service on long hauls.

2. Freight truck and freight forwarding service

According to industry experts, when you say parcel, it refers to regular shipment weighing less than 150 lbs. and anything more than that has to be shipped as freight or cargo in bulk. Of course, transporting goods and commodities in bulk could be done both internationally and domestically, by land, rail, sea and air, using semi trucks, trains, ships, and aircrafts.

Freight forwarding differs from freight truck service in that forwarders, being the logistical experts as they are, don’t do the actual transporting. Instead, they are the ones that coordinate with and set up domestic and international cargo transports with a freight carrier. Such a service available via sea, air, rail and road, delivers goods directly from manufacturers to their ultimate distribution points.

3. Heavy hauler service

Heavy hauler services require the use of sleeper trucks as such types involve the transport of anything with massive weight, from cars and other weighty vehicles to products made of steel and metal, even fragments of prefabricated structures and houses, and the like. The ‘cab over trucks’ are also shipped by heavy haulers. These are vehicles having a vertical flat face with the cab sitting in the front axle, hence the name.

In the heavy hauling business, of course, you should have a team of professional drivers with experience and logistical expertise to ensure that the delivery reaches the front door safe and sound.

There are still other businesses out there needing a sleeper cab if you’re not quite satisfied with the above. But any way you choose, you’re already assured of income.

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