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Can Dolph Ziggler Steal The Show At WWE Money In The Bank?

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I got to talk to my good friend Sarah Hirsch yesterday about all things WWE. Hirsch, who writes for Daily DDT, brought up a solid point when talking about the Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view event.

Would it really be that bad if WWE decided to hand the golden briefcase to Dolph Ziggler?

While it appears the former WWE champion is nothing more than window dressing in the six-man match to determine who becomes the next WWE world champion, she makes a strong case for the “showstopper” to win. And after talking about it, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

For everything that this match has, with upstarts like Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura, there is plenty a veteran presence to offer balance. AJ Styles and Kevin Owens may be the “hot name” as of right now, however neither will sell this match like Ziggler.

Ric Flair once said that selling a match is just as important as winning the match. He should know, having wrestled every great superstar that has walked the face of the earth during the 1970s and 1980s. And while he can pinpoint success with Rick Steamboat and Ricky Morton in matches and feuds that helped to define their careers, this is the type of match that could define Ziggler as a contender once again.

The one thing that Ziggler needs is a signature win. Yes, he was the first contender for the WWE title when Dean Ambrose carried the strap. But since then, despite a cup of coffee with the Intercontinental Title, his character has been as rocky as a cruise ship in a Hurricane. Babyface or heel, WWE cannot seem to make the right connection or make the puzzle pieces fit. And no matter how good he is in the ring, he always comes up short. Some of this might be his own fault, because there is never just one side to a pancake.

I am as old school and they come about this. WWE has never shown confidence in him long enough to see a sustainable title run. And if nothing more, he becomes a transitional contender. If John Cena beats Jinder Mahal for the title once he returns, then Ziggler versus Cena sells. It also gives WWE a chance to build Baron Corbin or Nakamura as the next great champion on Tuesday nights

This is obviously just speculation, but it’s something WWE has to consider. If they have no problem putting a belt around the waist have a part time champion on Monday nights, then what is the problem with putting the belt around the waist of somebody who not only sells out every time he’s in the ring but is also one of the best performers in the business today?

I don’t understand why this is even a question. And for both Sarah and I, this makes too much sense for this not to happen.

Ziggler, the man without a true identity, could be the one who not only steals the show at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, he could steal a shot at the WWE World Title.

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