4 Months ago I was one of the few who never seen one Marvel Comic Movie at all. I mean not The Incredible Hulk, not Iron Man none of them. Never really had an interest in them nor did I have a partner who wanted to see them or had seen them. Thanks to my wife Mea I actually became hooked on Marvel. My first Marvel Experience was actually out of order because I watched Black Panther first when that’s near the end of the order in which you need to watch them. When I was done watching Black Panther not only was it one of my favorite Marvel Movies, but also one of my favorite movies period. Now I had to start watching them so that I could watch Endgame in April. Since watching all 22 movies I have developed my 3 favorite Marvel Characters: Doctor Strange, Rocket Racoon, and you can all hate me for this one but, Thanos.

Looking back at the movies I have decided that I am going to rank them from 22-1 in the order I feel was worst to best.

  • 22. Iron Man 2
  • 21. The Incredible Hulk
  • 20. Captain Marvel
  • 19. Captain America: Civil War
  • 18. Spiderman: Homecoming
  • 17. Iron Man
  • 16. Captain America: The First Avenger
  • 15. Captain America: Winter Solider
  • 14. Thor
  • 13. Ant Man
  • 12. Ant Man and Wasp
  • 11. Thor: Dark World
  • 10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • 9. Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 8. Iron Man 3
  • 7. Avengers
  • 6. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  • 5. Avengers: Infinity War
  • 4. Thor: Ragnarok
  • 3. Doctor Strange
  • 2. Black Panther
  • 1: Avengers: End Game

As I had previously said Black Panther was one of my favorite Marvel movies but Endgame has edged it out. Endgame was 3 Hours and 2 Mins it had the perfect balance of Comedy, Action, and Storyline. The movie opens up right where we left off at in Infinity War, where half the population was being wiped off the face of the planet due to Thanos’s Snap. Iron Man is with Nebula in outer space with no power for the ship and its looking kind of bleak for Tony Stark. Was a little bit of foreshadowing into what would eventually be the end of Iron Man (sorry if you didn’t see the movie and avoided the Big Caution Spoiler Alert warning on the title). In addition to Iron Man passing away, we also see the passing of the torch for Captain America, Steve Rogers no longer is Captain America and gives his shield to Sam Wilson. In the plot of the movie The Avengers catch up to Thanos and question him on where the infinity stones are to which he tells them he destroyed them and can’t undo what has been done. Thor then proceeds to chop Thanos’s head off with Storm Breaker sending Thor spirling into self-pity. I really feel like they made Thor too much of a pansy in this movie and really damaged his character’s image. Although Avengers may have reached the last movie it was made clear that Thor will be continuing on, whether it be in stand-alone movies or if he joins Guardians of the Galaxy full time. The Avengers ultimately devise a plan to go back into time to get the stones before Thanos got them. Which means time travel but they are warned against it by Tony Stark who wants no part of it. He then figures out the best way to do it and brings his plan with him to the Avengers and says one last time. Eventually, though there were some hard times The Avengers gather all 6 stones and undo what Thanos did, the problem is Iron Man was the one who did the snap and ends up paying with his life. For the first time in his life, Iron Man/Tony Stark did something that didn’t benefit him. Thanos is destroyed, and everything goes back to normal from before Thanos’s snapped his finger. In order to restore everything though they have to put the Stones back to where they got them in order to not create time riffs.


So takeaways from the movie Where did Thor’s Hammer go? We see Captain America take the shield and hammer with him into the time machine to return the infinity stones back to their original locations but when he returns as an older man he only has the shield with him which he gives to Sam Wilson. I feel Bucky should have been the new Captain America but anyway, the point is the Hammer did not make it back with him.  The sound we hear at the end of the movie may indicate we will find out what happened to the hammer in a different movie to come out later.

Is Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy permanently? We see Thor make Valkyrie the ruler of Asgard and him joining Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians on his ship. With the new Guardians of the Galaxy coming out I see Thor being predominately shown in this movie.

What happened to Loki and the Tesseract? In Endgame thanks to a foul-up between Iron Man and Hulk, we see Loki get the tesseract and escape out of NY.  What happened to him and what becomes of the tesseract?


Overall the movie was great no weak points, no holes in the plot and mostly the questions we had were answered. The Avengers series may be coming to a close but Marvel Movies will continue to come out and be strong.

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