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Majed Veysel: The Future Inspiration Of Architects

It’s a great opportunity for upcoming architects to learn from Majed Veysel's projects. Many architects and photographer respect and look up to him because of his amazing work experience. Majed has often times guided world to the beauty of his art. He shows another side of world by his work.The person, who feels boring by looking at the architectural work, gets excited after seeing the awesome work done by Majed.
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There is always something about a beautiful and riveting picture that takes our breath away. Whether it depicts the seashore, the cliffs, or the green expanse of a farm, it possesses magic that hooks us to it and never leaves our mind. It mesmerizes us with our very presence at that moment. We feel the wind caressing our face, the brilliant colors beckoning us towards them. That is what a
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Jürg Widmer Probst Explains How To Approach Investing In Contemporary Art

Investing in contemporary art can often seem overwhelming and daunting. For many people, it seems a fickle and volatile world, driven by fads and an obsession with finding the next big thing. Well, maybe so – but in that sense, perhaps that doesn’t make it much different to any other investment sector. Investors are always looking for value, and the art world is no different. But where should a new
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Art: Bronze Casting Tips To Create a Better Cast 

Bronze casting is something of an art and there are several techniques that can be involved in the whole process. However, if you’re unsure as to which techniques you should use there’s always a chance the quality of the casting is effected.  The good news is we have a few tips that could help you as you learn the craft.  Keeping the Sand MoistThe sand that you plan to use
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Do It Yourself: Crochet Basics to Learn and Master How to

If you find yourself gushing over yarn colors and materials, but don’t actually know how to start with creating your own project, it’s time to finally get the (yarn) ball rolling. Maybe you have a little bit of an understanding of how to crochet, or maybe you’re completely new to the process. Maybe you were taught how when you were young and want to get back into it and even
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Mehendi Styles To Keep An Eye Out For

As the famous song goes, “Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna.. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna… Lene Tujhe o Gori...Ayenge Tere Sajna...”, we completely outcrop the beat of it indulge in the ‘shadi’ feels. Mehendi holds a very special place in an Indian wedding ceremony where a lot of emphasis is paid to customs and rituals which in turn reflects the kinship amongst people. According to the Mehendi ritual, the bride doesn’t step