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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Should Pursue Trade for Kyle Schwarber

For the last few years, fans have dreamed about a scenario where the New York Yankees were able to land Kyle Schwarber from the Chicago Cubs. This may be the best time for the Yankees to do so. The Yankees were hoping for Shohei Otani since he could be a hitter along with a starting pitcher. However, Otani told the Yankees no thanks to meeting with them since he has
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Chicago Cubs: Justin Verlander is Not The Answer to Their Problems

When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last season, Cubs fans were partying in the street. The curse was finally broken and the future was extremely bright. Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta topped the rotation. The offense was built around Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber. As a result, the Cubbies were seen as the hands-down favorites to win the World Series once again in 2017. But unfortunately
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Chicago Cubs Should Trade For Oakland Athletics’ Khris Davis

We are about a month away from the 2017 MLB trade deadline and the Chicago Cubs have struggled on offense this year. The Cubs rank 8th in the National League in total offense with a .238 average. The defending champs rank 16th in total offense if you include the American League. They're not the worst hitting team in the world, but the Cubs have a ton of concerns heading into
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New York Yankees: Bryce Harper Preferring the Chicago Cubs Beneficial?

For years, it had seemed like Bryce Harper signing with the New York Yankees was a foregone conclusion. Maybe it isn't like we had all once thought. And that might actually be a good thing for the Yankees. Reports have circulated that Harper's preferred destination in free agency in the winter of 2018 is the Chicago Cubs. Despite the many reports of Bryce Harper wanting to play for his childhood
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Chicago Cubs: 3 Storylines To Watch During Spring Training

Could there possibly be a team with more eyes on them this Spring than the Chicago Cubs? After ending the 108-year drought with their World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians a season ago, the Cubs are the favorites to win it all once again in 2017. To say expectations are high would be an understatement. The club is loaded with plenty of young talent to go with a pair
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MLB: Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox Early Favorites to Win The 2017 World Series

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but Las Vegas already has odds on who the favorite is to win the 2017 World Series. While these numbers are bound to change as the season goes on, it is still something interesting to look at, being that Spring Training has just begun. According to, they are reporting that the favorites to win the 2017 World Series are the Chicago Cubs and
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Fantasy Baseball: Do the Cubs Have Two Top Five Catchers?

Last season, the Cubs decided to move their big man catcher to the outfield last season, it did not exactly go as planned. Kyle Schwarber injured himself in his second game in the outfield and missed the rest of the regular season. The experiment persists, but some outlets have given Schwarber a reprieve. Yahoo granted him catcher status despite him being an outfielder now. The Cubs’ actual catcher, Wilson Contreras,
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Chicago Cubs: What happened to Jason Heyward’s Value in Fantasy Baseball?

Jason Heyward had long been a productive, well-rounded fantasy baseball outfield option, and he was set to join an upstart team setup to be an offensive machine. The Cubs’ massive free agent acquisition seemed like a match made in heaven for fantasy baseball players last year. Instead, it was a complete nightmare. In 2016, Heyward had a ranking in the first four-to-eight rounds, mostly based around promises of Heyward’s traditional