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How to improve performance of soccer players using compression socks?

More and more soccer players are turning to compression socks during game time and afterward to enhance recovery. Although compression socks used to be thought of as only for those with diabetes or circulatory issues, they have gained popularity in the athletic community because of the many great benefits they tout. The Physical Demands of Being a Soccer Player Soccer players frequently sprint short distances to overtake their opponents. Sprinting
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5 Workout and Nutrition Commandments for Beginners

If you’ve finally made the conscious decision to make fitness and healthy eating a part of your lifestyle, then kudos to you, this is one of the best decisions of your life, and soon enough, it’s going to become an inextricable part of your routine. Fitness is addictive, and health is liberating and empowering, but before you start calling yourself a fitness enthusiast and start posting gym pics on your
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Surya Iacono on why you should feel the fear and exercise anyway

It can be intimidating when starting a serious exercise programme. For every dedicated exerciser that heads to the gym six times a week, there are many just too frightened to begin. With obesity levels rising and concern over the state of our general health, it’s important to assess just what is holding people back. It’s much more complicated for many people than simply being lazy. We’re all lazy at certain

Majed Alhamad shares 5 reasons why running and mental health are linked

If you’re looking for a cheap, effective way to exercise and improve your mental health then you should think seriously about trying running. You don’t need to go fast or far to get benefits for your physical and mental health. Runners have always claimed they experience all sorts of amazing sensations when they run, from emotional highs to zen-like calm. Scientists have taken a while to be able to work
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4 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels This Autumn

There is a reason for every season, there’s no doubt about it! With each change of season comes an opportunity to re-evaluate. Take stock of your lifestyle and prepare your system for the changes in weather ahead!  It’s not just spring that’s a great time to clean and cleanse your system. No matter where you live, autumn is a great time in the seasonal cycle to get into a few
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5 Best Ways to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

It happens very often - we are all pumped up to join a gym and start our workout sessions but, all of a sudden, our motivation drops and we cannot even think about getting out of the house in order to work out. Sometimes, we might even force ourselves to go to the gym, but then we find ourselves walking around and doing practically nothing but wasting our time. What
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Muscle Building – Tips For Beginners

All beginnings are difficult. This is also the case with muscle building. In hardly any other sport do so many things have to be considered as in weight training. The most important thing is to be motivated and to stay motivated. Because muscle building does not work overnight. Training A great help for beginners is to train with an experienced training partner. This way you can benefit from his knowledge

Tips for buying competitive swimwear

Living in the swimwear is one thing that competitive swimmers do, but the process of finding the right womens swimwear and mens swimwear feels like a momentous task. Figuring out which swimsuit will enhance your performance and give you the support you need takes a lot of planning and time. The appearance of the swimwear may not be a critical issue in competitive swimwear like in fashion swimwear. However, the

How to stick to a training routine while on holiday by Surya G. Iacono

For even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast, it can be tricky to stick to training when you’re travelling. When holidaying and having fun it’s difficult to find the motivation to seek out a gym or keep up struct workouts. But if you don’t want to lose muscle mass, cardio fitness and your gains, there are ways to incorporate training into holiday’s abroad without feeling like it’s a drag. Here’s how.