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Six Tips to Keep Email Marketing Relevant in 2020

  Among all the digital marketing tools, email marketing is the most effective strategy to personally build customer relations. More than half of the companies now implement email marketing to target their required audience. Moreover, email marketing has proven to be the best strategy for most of these companies. It also persuades other companies on the advantage of using it to reach the maximum amount of customers. Meanwhile, when the
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Solo Ads: How to Use Them to Guarantee Success

Looking for a cheap yet efficient and fast way to obtain more targeted traffic? If that is the case then solo ads can surely help you. A solo ad is a sort of paid traffic utilized in internet advertising. Essentially, you are buying clicks of someone else’s email list. For instance, there is an advertiser that has a huge list maybe 30,000 people. You can pay them about $100 and
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How To Select The Right Affiliate Marketing Platform

First of all, before diving deep into the topic lets clear the basics of it. What is meant by Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. In affiliate marketing, you have to promote the products and services of others on your website and in return, you get a certain percentage of commission if someone purchases a product through your affiliate links. There
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Why is Email Marketing Important In This Digital Era

In this new era of technology where everything is being digitalized even digital marketing has taken a great rise. There are many forms of digital marketing of which one of the most important tends to be Email Marketing. Email marketing makes you interact with the targeted audience on a one on one basis and to make that happen in a perfect way Designmodo email builder is what you need. Your
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How Social Media Marketing is Escalating the Ride of Successful Brands?

The 21st century is witnessing some of the massive trends, emerging in the domain of Digital Marketing. Social media is one of the vital moves that bolster in dotting the fragments of marketing through innovative mediums. The social media is acting as the intermediate link amid the brands and its prospective customer via direct interaction. The Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the twirling common names, that every brand should be
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Tips To Minimize Your Email Bounce Rate

Email bounces can ruin your marketing campaign, a bounced email means that one of your customers missed the marketing email that you drafted especially for them, and all your hard work and money ends up being wasted. The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is determined by its deliverability rate, and hard bounces can affect your deliverability rate too. To get a better understanding of bounce rates, let’s first discuss
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4 Types of Social Media Videos for Businesses

Many businesses now regularly use videos in their social media campaign. Video can show the transparency of your business. Transparency is how you secure the trust of the consumers and convince them to buy your product. If you can't prove your business transparency in videos, your customers will lose interest in your products and turn to other more trustworthy competitors. The following are 4 types of social media videos that
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6 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

When you’re a business leader, you’ll know that your marketing has to be top-notch if you want to stay ahead. Whatever existing strategies that you may have in place, these can always be improved if you wish to keep on growing. With this concept in mind, let’s dive in and consider a few surefire ways that you can improve your marketing strategy! Video Marketing If video marketing isn’t already part
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Blogging: How To Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

In business, traffic to a website means a lot. Any website owner wants a lot of people to visit it. But when traffic is the only thing your website is getting, that means you’re not really getting any money. Conversion is the only thing that makes it possible to translate traffic into money. When your traffic is very high and your conversion rate is really low, your website revenue would
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Some Of The Marketing Techniques You Won’t Have Thought About, But Should

When it comes to your business the ideal scenario would be to ensure that the right potential customers and clients are seeing your products and services regularly. The problem is, that is the aim for all businesses which can mean that you are all fighting for the same business. You may already focus time and energy on social media strategies and content plans. You may look at advertising in papers