Most people like to relax with a drink now and again. As laws around cannabis become more and more lenient, a growing number of people also like to chill with some weed. Naturally, therefore, some people want to try both together. If you get it right, the mix between the two effects can be sublime.

However, as many people know, it can also go wrong.

Read on as we tell you how to make the most of drinking and smoking together, and share our top five reasons why it might be a better idea than you thought.


1.   It Helps You Understand Your Limits

When you’re drinking or smoking, it’s always important to have regard for your limits. You need to know what an acceptable amount is for you to consume, and how to recognize when you’re approaching that limit.

This is particularly tricky as everyone’s tolerance is different, and you might think you’ll be able to drink or smoke twice as much as your friends only to end up on the floor.

This means that gauging your own capacity can be a challenge. However, mixing cannabis and alcohol can help you here.

Due to the way they interact with one another in the body, a mixture of cannabis and alcohol can get you lit much faster than either one would alone. As this study shows, even small amounts of alcohol can lead your body to absorb THC much more quickly than it would otherwise.

This means that smoking weed and drinking together will give you a better idea of what your limits are in relation to both alcohol and cannabis. This is particularly important in a place, such as Canada, where weed is legal and you can see the amount of THC in each product.

When trying different types of cannabis from weed store, make sure to monitor your reaction to each one, especially when you’re drinking.


2.   You Can Literally Mix Them

When people talk about “mixing” cannabis and alcohol, they’re usually talking about drinking beers and smoking joints at the same time. However, there’s another level when mixing the two.

Thanks to modern innovations in mixology, you can now enjoy a marijuana-infused cocktail.

As anyone with experience making edibles knows, you can’t just eat dry weed herb and expect to get high. You have to extract the cannabinoids from the dry herb, usually by cooking it in oil or butter.

For cocktails, however, you should usually use whole milk. If you’re vegan or you just don’t tolerate lactose well, coconut milk will also work.

Once this is done, add the infused milk to a cocktail of your preference. The liquid marijuana cocktail, for example, contains various rums, blue curacao, and melon liqueur, along with a cannabis infusion and a garnish.



3.   You Can Access the Health Benefits of Alcohol and Cannabis Together

Experts have by now made almost everyone aware of the health benefits of cannabis. These range from relief of physical pain to management of insomnia.

Researchers are still working hard to chart exactly how cannabis achieves what it does. However, they know that the interaction of cannabinoids with our endocannabinoid system, particularly our CB2 receptors, is highly relevant.

This study outlines how the interaction of cannabis with the endocannabinoid system lessens inflammation. This can help with a range of different health issues, from chronic pain to psoriasis.

However, alcohol offers select health benefits. While we tend to hear more about the risks of alcohol, these are mainly a problem for heavy drinkers. If you can curtail your alcohol intake to a couple of units at a sitting, you might enjoy some benefits including providing a night of better sleep and a lower risk of heart disease.

By mixing alcohol and cannabis, you’re getting all these benefits in one sitting.

4.   You’ll Have No Trouble Sleeping

A very common medical reason for the consumption of cannabis is insomnia. If you can’t sleep, a few puffs of a relaxing indica should have you asleep in no time.

However, cannabis can induce paranoia or overactive thinking in some users. This is not what you want if you’re trying to go to sleep, as your thoughts may end up keeping you awake.

Having a drink with your smoke will help you here. Alcohol may counteract any stimulants (such as caffeine) that you’ve consumed throughout the day

5.   You’ll Have a Night Like No Other

Crossfading has picked up a bad reputation over the years. Many people will tell you horror stories about how weed and alcohol made them “green out” or fall asleep in their seats.

However, if you do it right, the potential for a blissful high is huge.

Alcohol can lessen the paranoia sometimes associated with cannabis. It lowers your inhibitions and can help you relax and enjoy being around other people.

Cannabis, on the other hand, can help you stay in tune with what’s going on around you. While drinking can sometimes lead to dissociation in a social setting, cannabis will better control this, helping you to make the most of connecting with others and having fun.

This is just one more great reason to enjoy weed and alcohol together.


In Conclusion

Whether you’re relaxing by yourself or with friends, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol can help you reach your ideal level of chill. If you get the mix right, it’s the perfect experience.

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