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Eugene Campbell III, a basketball player, business owner, and philanthropist was born in New Jersey. He is the founder of the non-profit organization “Walk a Mile N Our Shoes,” the owner of the clothing line “dif-fer-it,” and a brand ambassador for companies that share his values. On and off the field, his recent amazing performance in a basketball game in Portugal shocked everyone. On social media, short films of his incredible dumps have gone viral. It isn’t the first time, though. The athlete delivered several jaw-dropping spills that went viral.

Being the first American in his club

Not only this, but before any other American has ever played for his club in Portugal, he has helped them reach the semi-finals in only their first year of playing there, and the second year they have played in the first division there. Having him on the team allowed them to go above and beyond what the league had expected. Before joining the squad, they had a 6-6 winning record; after joining, they went 14-5 (14 wins, five defeats) and came close to winning the championship.

The journey of his career

Eugene Campbell III recalls growing up in a family that constantly moved. Throughout his education, Campbell would attend six different schools. He experienced trouble mixing with people, strained friendships, and a lack of a sense of belonging as a student. His ambition was to become a professional athlete.

Eugene Campbell III has been kicked off the baseball team because of his grades. His teacher said he was failing their class when he got A’s and B’s. He had been treated unfairly due to the color of his skin since the 5th grade. Eugene Campbell III was cut from his school’s freshman boys’ basketball team as a freshman. After being cut once, he decided he wouldn’t be cut again.

Eugene Campbell III walked on to Middlesex County College’s basketball team as a walk-on. He was named to the All-Conference team and the Most Improved Player for NJCAA Region 19. Campbell received college offers for the first time, two to be exact. Eugene Campbell III played college basketball at New Jersey City University (NJCU). He was the 14th man out of 16 players in his senior season.

Now, he can pursue his master’s degree and play professional basketball. Eugene Campbell III attended multiple pros combined after college. The combo-guard scored 20 points per game during an overseas pro combine in Miami. He was then invited to play in the TBL (The Basketball League). 

Campbell signed a contract to play for BC Northland in Moldova. Eugene Campbell III averaged 39.5 points per game and five steals per game for BC Northland.

Career-highs included 57 points and 12 rebounds. Plan to play in as many Pro-Ams as possible. Signed with Gyumri, a pro team in Armenia. Eugene Campbell III is a professional basketball player and budding philanthropist. He started Walkamilenourshoes, an initiative that gives old basketball gear to the homeless. The organization has chapters in New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Moldova.

Eugene Campbell III has overcome difficulties, challenges, and a lack of opportunity to get to where he is now. Campbell’s route to success is not typical, glamorous, or even common. In his humble opinion, his narrative is one from which we may all learn.


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