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5,869 feet.

That is how high above sea level that this quiet town of 51,000-plus southeast of the greater Denver metro area is, yet it has quiet a colorful and rich history all it’s own.

If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you would naturally associate Denver as one of America’s great sports towns. And why not? With the exception of the NBA Denver Nuggets, all four major of the Mile High City’s pro franchises have either contended for—or won a championship—in their respective sport in the form of the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, MLS club Colorado Rapids, MLB’s Colorado Rockies and most recently the NFL’s Denver Broncos.

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Seen from afar as a sports-obsessed city amidst the scenic Rocky Mountains, Denver is also quite a city for acting and modeling talent.

While some outside of Colorado wouldn’t be able to find Parker on the proverbial map of modeling and entertainment, notables from the breath-taking Mile High area include Amy Adams (Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Jessica Biel (7th Heaven), Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach) and AnnaSophia Robb (Soul Surfer, The Carrie Diaries)

Entertainment. Sports. Modeling. Denver seems to have it all. Could Parker-based print, swimsuit and fitness model, Avree Chanel be the next Colorado-born cutie to make it big?

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Chanel, who has modeled for contemporary fiction and romance author, Scarlette Rayne as a cover model, has the looks, curves and fresh and unapologetic attitude of becoming one to watch in the modeling world.

A curvy and athletic 5’7, Chanel has appeared in magazines such as BAC (Become A Champion) Magazine, and while she is just beginning to tap into her modeling potential in expanding her portfolio, Chanel has that “it” factor that will surely attract other notable brands and publications wanting to hop on her rising modeling star.

Below is my Q and A with Avree as we talk modeling, athleisure, what to wear this summer, shutting down body shaming haters and getting paid.


Name: Avree Chanel

Height: 5’7

Birthplace: Parker, Colorado

Measurements: 35-26-35

Modeling Agency: I am not currently affiliated with any agency, but I am actively looking for one that will further my career and help me achieve my goals and aspirations.

Social Media Links: Facebook: Avree Chanel | Twitter: @AvreeChanel | Instagram: @Avree_Chanel


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Robert D. Cobb: What kind of model do you consider yourself? (Instagram, bikini, fitness, boudoir, fashion)?

Avree Chanel: I range between a commercial, print, swimsuit, glamour, and a fitness model.”


Robert D. Cobb: What brands have you modeled for? Which one do you enjoy modeling for the most?

Avree Chanel: I have modeled several brands, but my favorite shoot thus far was for the book covers for author Scarlette Rayne for her upcoming books.”


Robert D. Cobb: Where has been your favorite place to shoot?

Avree Chanel: The beach is always the best place to shoot. The lighting, atmosphere, and easygoing vibes make for beautiful photographs. I also really enjoy studio shots, and have been blessed to shoot with several amazing photographers with incredibly impressive studios.”

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Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting aspect of modeling?

Avree Chanel: In my opinion, there are several exciting aspects to modeling. Not only does it open the door for amazing and unique opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise come my way, but it allows me to meet so many brilliant people and work alongside such talent and passion.

Getting photographed is exhilarating and such a confidence booster, and I love every minute of it and am so grateful that every day I get to wake up and pursue this dream of mine.”


Robert D. Cobb: With summer right now here, what fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good when the temperature rises?

Avree Chanel: With summer here, I love simple looks that can get the point across efficiently. Some of my favorite summer outfits are shorts and a tank top, sun dresses, or a romper.

Summer is all about expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel sexy and comfortable. Another favorite look of mine is simply a bikini at the pool!”


Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad?

Avree Chanel: My thoughts are if wearing athletic clothes daily makes you happy and feel good and comfortable, then by all means, go for it! I wear athletic clothes a lot! I love them! A fitness fad that I’ve been loving is Fit Tea. I’ve tried it numerous times and seen good results.”

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Robert D. Cobb: What swimwear trends do you see being big this summer?

Avree Chanel: I see one piece swimsuits coming back into style this summer. I recently did a photoshoot in one and it was a really refreshing look!”


Robert D. Cobb: What is your go-to swimwear style that you MUST have.

Avree Chanel: A fashion trend that I’ve been loving is rompers. They are so versatile- perfect for both a day at the beach or a date night. Paired with a necklace and a wedge heel, they are the perfect summer look!”


Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, who is your modeling inspiration?

Avree Chanel: In the industry, Kate Upton has always been someone of great inspiration to me. She has such a sexiness about her and truly flirts with the camera. I also love how she is so proud she is of her womanly body. It’s amazing how she is continuously transforming the industry toward curvaceous women and opening doors for womanly body types, such as mine.”

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Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

Avree Chanel: My secret to staying in shape is the Atkins diet. It incorporates high protein and low carb foods, while allowing you to eat essentially whatever you want if it fits the low carb guidelines. It has truly slimmed me down for summer, and is the best avenue for weight loss!”


Robert D. Cobb: What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape?

Avree Chanel: For the past eight months, I have trained heavily for some upcoming swimwear shoots of mine. Although it was incredibly hard to stay motivated, my greatest workout tip is to stick to what you like doing.

Personally, I hate running, so I avoided it in my cardio routines and rather walked or did high intensity interval training (HIIT) instead. It is so much easier to get up and workout if it is something you enjoy doing. In the same breath, working out with a friend, or in my case a personal trainer, holds you accountable to not bail on a workout. I also used music to help me get through each workout.

Even at the hardest times, always continue to persist and persevere- the results will come.”


Robert D. Cobb: As someone who has is very curvy, what do you think best exudes sexiness and confidence?

Avree Chanel: As a model, the beach is the place to both see and be seen. You can’t go wrong with a simple bikini, and the one-piece swimsuit trend has increased greatly. As I always say, no matter what you’re wearing, the sexiest thing a girl can wear is confidence!”

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Robert D. Cobb: What is your opinion of the whole “shaming” issue that seems to permeate across social media and how have you handled it, if any haters tried to call you out?

Avree Chanel: The “shaming” issue that is infiltrating social media is one that has disgusted me long before I was in the industry. I have been at the end of it more times then I can count.

I don’t have a typical model body. I’m not stick thin. I’m healthy. I’m womanly. I’m curvaceous. And I’m proud of that.

Many times, people call me out for it. If possible, my first order of business is to simply ignore it. If it gets to the point where it’s too negative, I’ll generally confront the person and they usually stop after that. I’ve become used to it. It’s apart of the game and in some senses a necessary evil because it motivates me beyond belief.

One day they like me. The next day, they hate me. Both days, I get paid.”


Robert D. Cobb: What would you say is your best feature?

Avree Chanel: My best feature I would say is my eyes. Though they are only brown, I’ve grown to love them.”


Robert D. Cobb: Any beaches you plan on hitting up this summer?

Avree Chanel: I’m headed to my favorite place on earth- some San Diego beaches this summer.”

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Robert D. Cobb: Any future projects coming down the pipeline?

Avree Chanel: My next goal is to become affiliated with an agency. I have really big plans and dreams that I’ve been dedicating my existence to. It’s time to start making amazing things happen”


Robert D. Cobb: Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies?

Avree Chanel: Outside of modeling, my favorite hobbies are spending time with my amazing sister, Aubree, writing, exercising, cooking, traveling, and anything outdoors. I’m very adventurous, and will try anything once!”


Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs?

Avree Chanel:  Before I became a model, I was committed to play Division 1 soccer at the University of New Mexico. Although I am not longer pursuing soccer, I love being surrounded by it. My sister plays at an incredibly high level and my father, former professional, is now back coaching with the same club he played for professionally- the Colorado Rapids!”

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Robert D. Cobb: What are your favorite cities to travel to?

Avree Chanel: My favorite cities to travel to are San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, and many, many more. Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.”


Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

Avree Chanel: “If you are someone trying to break into the modeling industry, there are several important pieces of advice to give to you. The most important advice I could give is to love yourself no matter what comes your way.

It’s a harsh industry and you must have thick skin. In saying that, it’s so important to not stray from your foundational moral values and stay safe and be sure you maintain all credibility.

Other than the logistics, my biggest piece of advice would to be simply enjoy it. It’s a beautiful and rewarding industry with amazing people to collaborate with. If you’re safe, this industry is the best one to be in, because you can explore aspects of yourself that you never knew were there.

Beyond that, you can never just rest on a pretty face and a nice body. You must have a charismatic personality and a tremendous work ethic. It will be the climb of your life and will take every ounce of work you have, but once you complete the climb, the view is beautiful.”

Special thanks to Ms. Avree Chanel for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images are used with permission and are the property of their rightful owners.

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