Wholesale packaging

Packaging plays a key role in ensuring that products remain unperturbed by external elements. Packaging also impacts the longevity of the product stored in it. You will find diverse types of beverage packaging materials available out there. But you need to choose the one as per your product type and its handling and transportation needs. In addition, the packaging should be durable, and should not interfere with the quality, taste and safety of your drinks. The best packaging is the one that can ensure that the beverage reaches the end consumer in good condition. Best packaging can also make your product stand out and increase your brand awareness.

There are different types of wholesale packaging available for beverages. The one that you choose has to be strong and durable and should be able to withstand the tortures of handling and shipping. The packaging you choose also depends on the type of beverage you are packing in it.

Here are a few examples of ideal packaging options for beverages:

Wholesale packaging

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET): This is a sturdy, non-toxic plastic that can be easily cast into varied shapes and sizes. It is durable, reliable, shatter-resistant, and keeps the beverages protected against oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. Since it is highly recyclable, it is a popular choice for wholesale packaging of beverages. It is successful in protecting the contents from contaminants and keeping them at an ideal temperature. PET bottles can be chilled quickly, and they are highly portable. Soda and other drinks are often packaged in these bottles.
  • High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE): Another material that is used for beverage packaging in HDPE. It is transparent, unbreakable, refillable, and light-weight. Many containers and bottles made up of plastic are used for wholesale packaging of beverages. They may be translucent or colored, and they have extraordinary barrier properties due to their stiffness. They are often used for packaging drinks like milk, water, and juice.
  • Glass: This is a classic material used for the packing of beverages. Waterproof and airtight, jars, and bottles made of glass prove to be an excellent option for drinks, as they do not interfere with the quality and freshness of the content. They do not affect the flavors of the drinks, neither they contaminate the drink due to outside factors since glass is highly impermeable. Since glass does not get affected by outside temperatures as well, they help in maintaining the ideal temperature of the drink. Apart from that, glass is recyclable and sturdy, and colors printed on glass bottles do not fade. Being non-toxic, glass is one of the safest materials used for packaging beverages. However, the only downside they are fragile, which makes them unsuitable to travel with.
  • Metal: Cans made up of metal are commonly used for wholesale packaging of beverages. They keep the beverages safe from light and air, due to which their taste, flavor, and quality remain untouched. Metal cans are also resistant to pests, humidity, and temperature changes, due to which they maintain their flavor and freshness. Unlike glass, metal cans are long-lasting, unbreakable, and light in weight. People with an active lifestyle often prefer metal cans over glass bottles while hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, etc. Metal cans also give you a huge space to print eye-catching graphics with your company name and logo on them. Since they are recyclable, they are friendly to the environment too.
  • Paperboard: This material is made up of wood material that is highly strong and stable. For instance, cartons are an excellent choice for wholesale packaging of beverages. Made up of layers of polyethylene, aluminum foil, and paperboard, these packages protect your drinks from outside moisture, air and light, thereby maintaining their quality and flavors.

So, if you are in the beverage manufacturing business, the choice of the material varies with the kind of beverage you want to pack in it. Choose the right material for their wholesale packaging as per the drink type and its handling and shipping needs. For high-quality wholesale packaging, contact the reliable dealers.

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