The company seal is a small device employed by businesses that allow documents to be embossed. The term “seal” also refers to the imprint created using the individual’s design on a surface like paper. It confirms that the document is from a company or person that claims they issued it. This means that the document is endorsed by the issuer or company. The imprint could include details such as company name logo, official address, logo as well as other text if required.

Seals for companies are often known as embossing seals, embossers and embossing stamps, and many more. They all work to produce a visible imprint. You can feel the impression when you touch the object you’ve embossed. It’s the way they differ, unlike normal ink stamps.

Do company seals need to be present? In some countries, such as Uganda the company seals are required. In other countries, they’re not required. However, many companies prefer to include them on official documents to verify their authenticity C-TPAT certified seals.


Companies have company seals on documents such as agreements, minutes of board of directors’ meetings as well as agreements for employment and loan documents opening bank accounts as well as membership certificates. legal documents or commitments made by the business.

Corporate seals are adopted by companies and alter the design according to requirements and with their approval by the company’s directors. The seals are stored in secure locations to avoid getting into the hands of the wrong person, which could result in legal consequences and even loss of funds.

Who has company seals?

Limited companies employ these to emboss their documents with their logo and name. Professionals such as solicitors and notary publics utilize seals to seal documents that they’ve signed with their names. Anyone can apply a company seal.

In recent times, in Uganda there is an increase in schools that emboss students’ exams’ reports. The reason for this is to prevent forgery by students.

What is important to think about when you are buying seals for your company?


The designs of seals used by companies differ. The most common design that people choose on seals is round. However, there are rectangular and square designs. It’s all about the style you like best according to your personal preferences.

Type of font

It’s crucial to choose the typeface that prints well on paper. It’s important to select a style that isn’t able to cut through paper due to its sharpness.


Seals for companies are costly. Prices vary based on the manufacturer of the seal and its dimension. Prices vary also based on the location you purchase it from. Caution! You must be cautious not to commit mistakes simply because the cost is cheap.


There are small-sized seals for companies and big seals. For example beneath Shiny Brand, under Shiny Brand, there are desk seals, pocket seals, and seals for heavy-duty.

If you are using pocket seals, you can hold the paper with one hand while holding the seal with the other hand to create an impression on the sheet. They’re convenient and easy to carry. They typically have a case made of plastic that makes it easy for storage and also compact to transport. They’re great for companies with no embossing requirements.

Desk seals are generally larger than seals for pocket pockets. When you want to emboss paper they are placed on your desk. They’re great for businesses with a lot of embossing.

Seals made of heavy-duty are the most powerful. Like desk seals, are put on your desk to emboss your document. They’re stronger than the other sizes and suitable for embossing too many times.


Because people typically apply seals of companies on legal contracts, agreements and documents You should take preventive measures to avoid falling into legal problems that could cause loss of money. This is crucial.

What can you do?

Sign your name with a reputable seal maker. This is a well-established company that is conscious of its name and reputation. It’s a company that will never copy your signature without your permission. It’s a company that designs it by using unique features impossible to replicate by others.

However, the majority of people make this huge error. In Uganda street kids are everywhere that extort customers, saying they are cutting seals. They take jobs from you, and then go over to the manufacturer of the seal, who cut it. They come back to you with a completed product. If you make a payment, they earn a commission. How do you locate someone like this? If anything happens, he’s not responsible.


Good seals for companies are those that create clear impressions. The reason for this is due to a number of aspects. The first is the quality of the cutting which is dependent on the tools that are used to cut. The best cutting equipment is laser engravers that use computers.

Second, the quality is dependent on the materials used for cutting the die. I’ve seen seals using dies made of acrylic. The material can be used for different uses such as cutting labels. The most suitable material to make seal-dies is Delrin. However, it is possible to give the dies made of acrylic. They’ll be used for a year. Then, they stop making great impressions.

Thirdly, the quality is determined by the design. Professionals create great designs. It’s not just about cutting. Cutting is cutting to create an envelope that stays the same over and over again.

Additionally, quality is contingent on strength and durability. Seals that are reinforced with steel in their construction are strong and durable.


If you’re planning to create an official seal for your business Get an expert seal maker who will offer you the most price-for-value. The majority of company seals are costly all over the world. Spend your money on top-quality seals. In addition, security is essential!



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