One of the significant aspects of Condo living that will affect you is on how to decide what floor or level would you want to be in. If you’re purchasing your first condo unit, choosing between higher and the lower level can be a difficult task to decide.

The thing is, every floor level has its advantages and disadvantages, and only a condo owner can tell which floor level is best for living comfortably. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best condo floor.


If a fantastic view is essential to you, then you should get a unit on the top floors of the condominium. A beautiful sight can increase the cost of a condo unit, especially if the view is a lovely coast where you can watch the incredible sunrise and sunsets. Fear of heights can be a disadvantage also when you want to live on the higher floors.


The higher the floor, the more expensive it gets. So if money isn’t an issue to you, you can choose any level you want. But if you somehow have a problem financially, or you can’t afford the cost of a great view, then a lower floor is the most suitable option.


Some people don’t want to wait for the elevators or exert an effort in using the stairs, considering the elderly and disabled persons. If you want easy access to your condo unit, then the first five floors will be an excellent choice and a safer way for you.


If you value a quiet and peaceful place, then the upper floor is an excellent choice because if you’re on a higher level, you won’t have to worry about the noise of the passing cars and people.  


When you are looking for a condo, don’t hesitate to ask the management about their security. It is your right as a dweller, to ask for the information you need. Most condominiums have the right security premises.

If you ever have doubts, Locksmithman, professional team who’s passionate about locks and security mechanism, would be more happy to help you with your needs and concerns. But if the condo you decided to live in has excellent security measures, then you’re in good hands.


During emergencies, especially those that need evacuation, dwellers on the top floors will have a hard time evacuating. Condo buildings do have evacuation exits in place in case of emergencies. But if you’re afraid of the thought of being trapped on the higher floors during emergencies, then you might want to reside on the lower levels of the building.

Benefits On The Top Floor

The peace you have on the higher levels is not just because there’s less foot traffic, but also, you don’t need to worry about the honking vehicles, and screeching buses in the middle of the night.

It’s a fact that people on the higher level get the best-looking view than the people below. It is one of the main reasons why people choose to pay for the unit on the upper floor.

Benefits On The Lower Floor

Lower floors are perfect for the disabled and elderly. Those who don’t want to take the stairs and to those who easily get tired too. Also, ground floor units have cold temperatures because lower floors don’t get too much light. So, to those who want to live in a cold temperature, then the ground floor units are more suitable for you.


Each buyer has different needs and wants. You can always choose the right condo unit for you. There are a lot of condo units for sale nowadays. In fact, it has never been easier to look for one as you can easily look up sites on the internet and choose the most suitable unit for you.

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