No matter how important the kitchen area is for the people staying in the home, remodeling is always a troublesome job. Everyone wishes to uplift these spaces without spending too much. Most of the re-modeling tasks include updating the equipment’s, adding modern facilities, making it more kid-friendly and enhancing the storage space.

While doing all this, the most important and main decision which can affect the look of the whole kitchen is deciding on the kitchen cabinets.

Talking about kitchen cabinets, there are numerous styles, colors, designs as well as layouts to choose from. There is one trick which you can use to make your kitchen look as stylish and beautiful as possible. The trick includes playing with colors, creating a contrast between darker and lighter shades. This will not only make the space outstanding, but will also save you a lot of cash per se.

If you pick kitchen cabinets in dark colors:

Dark color emits the feeling of richness, warmth and imparts a high-end look. In dark colors, you can pick from large variety of colors such as deep espresso cabinets or charcoal-black styles. If you make all the cabinets with dark colors then the rooms feel more closed-in. However, if you use contrasting colors, then it will definitely add the appeal to your kitchen.

So, if you are thinking of adding dark color elements to your kitchen cabinets, then you can create a contrast in the following elements:

  • Floors: Let’s start with the flooring. Check the things which you normally check like durability, strength, styling, etc. However, when it comes to texture you can use natural stones or any of the sustainable materials to bring light in the rooms and make them look outstanding. This contrast of dark colored cabinets with floors can help the rooms to look distinctive in their own way.
  • Back walls: We might have said back walls; however, you can also call it as back splashes. Back splashes are normally considered as a very important and functional part in safeguarding your walls from any spills or mess during the process of cooking in the kitchens. Normally, people pick dark color backsplashes to avoid looking at stains all the time. Here, we suggest that you can pick up light color backsplashes of high quality where stains do not stay. This light color contrast with dark color cabinets will make your kitchen stand out in the home.
  • Countertops: Traditionally, contrast used to mean the relation between white and black color. However, the times seem to have changed; now, contrast means a relation between dark and light shades. Therefore, since the whole kitchen has dark shade cabinets, then you can certainly go for something light in your countertops. Whether it is natural stone or granite, you have a variety of options in both.

If you pick kitchen cabinets in light colors:

Normally, people use light color cabinets to make their kitchen look more roomy and stylish. They ooze elegance and style. But, you don’t need to follow light colors only for this purpose. You can use light color cabinets to create a contrasting effect in the kitchen. Here, are some of the elements with which you can create magic when it comes to the overall look of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island: If you have space in your kitchen and thinking about adding an island, then you can play with dark colors to highlight the contrast between the light-colored cabinets. It will, definitely, give a completely new look to your kitchen.

Hardware: Where your kitchen hardware is concerned, all you need to do is to replace your hardware for darker shades. They offer a contrast to the lighter-colored cabinets.

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