Many modern women desire a handbag that can be used on different occasions, all while projecting a style that matches the wearer’s personality. Senreve is producing no less than that. Senreve is a French word that means “sense” and “dream.” The brand has become an icon in the fashion industry because it merely asked what professional women wanted.

With this knowledge, Senreve developed high-quality, luxurious, and popular handbags. The company takes inspiration from powerful women in all professions, including celebrities. Led by Coral Chung, Founder and CEO, Senreve has remained ahead of the curve in providing luxury bags to the millennial woman.

Coral Chung is a seasoned entrepreneur who previously worked as a tech executive and strategy consultant. During this period, she couldn’t find an ideal handbag for modern professionals like her, so she decided to design something for herself, and that is how the idea of Senreve came to be in November 2016. Since then, Senreve has been developing classic, attractive, and versatile handbags fit for a modern woman. The bags have been spotted with high profiled celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Lady Gaga, and Anna Kendrick.

Senreve has experienced massive growth since its inception. One of the company’s recent investment includes the launch of a company fund and raised $16.75 million in series A investment. The money raised totaled to over $23 million within three years. The fund will be used to help Senreve expand its presence globally and add value to its status.

According to Coral Chung, another reason for launching the fund was to find a female investor to lead the investment team. She believed that finding a female investor could positively impact the brand and other investors and partners. That is how the company decided to partner with Sonya Brown of Northwest Venture Partners. Moreover, the money raised was to aid in enhancing several investments. According to Pitchbook statistics, startups founded by women receive 2.2 percent of the total amount financed by the venture capital firms across the United States, despite comprising 38 percent of businesses throughout the country.

However, this is an essential step for Senreve. With a steady background in finance, tech, retail, and consulting, Coral Chung has been able to focus on distinct styles that she thought was lacking in traditional brands. Her passion for luxury consumer brands compelled her to work in different companies serving various capacities. She worked for the CEO and COO of Prada.

After an unpleasant experience with a Prada bag that she was using while working for the company, Coral Chung realized she and other women needed better bags. Chung further explains that despite the handbag being beautiful, it collapsed to become bottomless, which compelled her to launch Senreve, an undertaking that turned out to be great and fulfilling. Since her previous work involved the tech industry and software products, investing in Senreve was a huge milestone for her because she could design something tangible that a million women were using in their daily lives.

Coral Chung also finds inspiration in the female executives who use Senreve’s bags. Chung says that Jenny Ming, who previously served as a board member of Barney’s New York but currently acting as the CEO, and Charlotte Russe were some of the first female executives to buy their bags. Similarly, Selma Blair is a real brand ambassador who owns around four handbags, including the Doctor and the Maestra. Priyanka Chopra is another executive who has been wearing Senreve bags in her tours, a thing that has helped create awareness across South Asian markets. Chung acknowledges that it is encouraging to see executives use her bags, and it has helped create more brand awareness in the US and across Asian countries.

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