Fashion and style are two different things. But they’re used interchangeably, and sometimes become substitutes for one and the other. Men, in general, don’t consider fashion as something to be taken seriously, but for some, it’s their bread and butter. The fashion industry is a million-dollar industry, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

So if you’re a man looking to level up your style, this is the article for you. While fashion and improving your style, in general, can get expensive, there are basic things you can do to look fashionable and stylish at the same time without spending thousands of dollars on it! Here are four pieces every man should own in order to step-up their individual styles:

A great-looking mechanical watch

Having a classic-looking watch can be the difference between a great first impression and the other way around. The watch you should have, or at least is wearing, should be a reflection of your personal style. There’s a lot of watch types out there today, but none as classic and universally-stylish as a mechanical watch, like the Hamilton Khaki Navy.

With a watch like the Khaki Navy, you are investing in something that goes well with almost all of your outfits – from the casual, business even weekend styles. You can even use it when the boys want to go to the beach, or on a dive. There are several choices and configurations of the watch you can choose from, but going for the classic 40mm blue dial in stainless steel Scuba Auto should do the trick.

Shiny, leather shoes

Every man at one point in his life will need leather shoes. A couple of them, actually. It’s the most appropriate footwear there is, and you virtually can’t go wrong with it. There are many leather shoe styles, but the general consensus from fashion experts is that you should keep it “simple and streamlined”. Look for classic designs with simple colors, as well as patterns.

For those just out of college, loafers are the easiest to get with limited funds. For interviews and/or everyday wear, you can opt for lightweight oxfords. As you earn more, invest in quality shoes. Sure, they can be priced astronomically, but they’re a good investment. Plus, if it’s quality shoes you’re buying, expect that it will last you a lifetime.

A white shirt

There nothing more classic than a white shirt; a crisp white shirt instantly elevates anything that you pair it with. It’s a great base to pair with more stylish pieces and is great as a standalone. Your philosophy with white shirts should be – you can never have too many of them! At least own three pairs as dress shirts and another three for casual ones.

The magic of a white shirt lies in its versatility. You can pair it with almost anything – from blue jeans, dark ones, even dress pants. Chambray ones can be paired with a board short for a quick yet stylish beach outfit. A white polo shirt is always a great choice for casual dates and/or lunch with the parents. The possibilities are endless with this piece – you just have to be creative about it!

Worn jeans

The jeans on your closet aren’t yours unless you’ve worn it enough times that it fits you seamlessly and effortlessly. Jeans are great because the more you use them, the more it becomes part of your style. And it learns your body, as well. Suffice it to say, pick a stellar-fitting jeans in the first place so that when you wear it out, it will look phenomenal.

If you’re worried about the cut, go for slim-tapered. It’s wider in the thigh part but tapers down on the legs and ankle area so that it looks like it’s custom-fitted to your size. A straight cut is also a great choice, and if all else fails, get a carrot cut. Stray away from cigarette cuts and the like, lest you want to look like a burrito.


Taking your style to the next level shouldn’t be difficult. You just need to know what you want and be comfortable with it in order to pull it off. There’s nothing more attractive than confidence in what you’re wearing, so learn the art of presenting yourself as chill and sharp as you can be.

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