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The way that society is has changed so much over the last few years alone. If we think on the large scale, you’ve got the changes such as women being able to work, having more rights etc. But the changes that are being made at the minute are having a huge impact on the life we lead. Some future changes that might be made are also threatening to change the way we live, some in a good way, some in a bad. To try and put it into words for you how much our world has changed in terms of society, here are a few major ones.

Immigration: Immigration is a problem in many many countries. For example, in Calais you’ve got the borders which are nearly overrun with refugees trying to seek refuge in countries that are safe. Now, it’s important to remember that there’s a difference between refugees and immigrants.

The refugees are seeking aid, healthcare, and safety from countries that are constantly under attack, such as Syria. Immigrants are those wishing to come into a country for want of a better job, better economy, or just wanting to move to another country.

However, due to the new president, and the changing laws on immigration, immigration services are now seeing people being deported quicker than they came in. It’s a shame that certain people who have built a life and a home in a different country are now having to move back to one where they might not be able to have anything. A lot of people have to be deported due to coming into countries illegally.

They’ll find their way in through borders or ports, and build a life, only to be sent back. These are the people who are probably more deserving of deportation due to the unlawful way they broke in.

The War On Crime: The war on crime is one we’re all having to face. More and more innocent people are getting caught up in gang crime, and now terrorism. There are so many countries where people walk around in fear of getting hurt, it’s a shame that we as society can’t do much about it other than be aware of the problems at hand. One thing that has changed massively over the years is the police and black crime.

Only a few years ago black people were still being victimized by the police. Due to campaigns, evidence circulation on social media marketing, and a change in social views, we’re now thankfully seeing less of this victimization. As for the war on terrorism, there’s only so much we can do due to people being radicalized.

All over the world innocent young people are having their minds changed, and some are even moving to join ISIS themselves. However, it almost always doesn’t work out well for these people, and a lot of British and US nationals that have radicalized and moved have ended up dead.

So, you see there have been some big social changes, and hopefully some even bigger ones to come. We can’t live in a world with so much gun crime and terrorism, but what do you think we can do as a society!?

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