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Culture: Man Vs. Food Casey Webb To Judge Best Cocktail At the 4th Annual Secret Summer Festival At The Foundry In Long Island City on 8/12

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Secret Summer is the first and only farm-to-bar cocktail festival celebrating sustainable mixology fresh eats, music, art, dance, fashion and more.

Invoking a Midsummer Night’s Dream-feel in the heart of Long Island, this  one-of-a-kind event will take place on August 12th at The Foundry, a 3,000 square feet, fully restored 19th century building with an indoor greenhouse, beautiful outdoor courtyard and rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of Manhattan.

Now in its fourth year, Secret Summer will feature a plethora of unique food vendors, musical performances and, of course, farm-to-bar cocktails including (but not limited to) Suntory Whisky Toki™ in the greenhouse bringing a unique, exuberant experience perfectly complimented with dessert, a Brockmans Gin Juniper Forest where revelers can taste, smell and experience while getting lost in an atrium filled with foliage and juniper.

There will also be a Blue Point Brewery Toasted Yacht where guests will be able to sip on Blue Point Beer cocktails from a boat in the middle of The Foundry’s courtyard. Hangar 1 Vodka will have a Hanging Herb Wall where guests will be encouraged to pick their favorite herbs to complete their cocktails.

The Choripan, Sophie’s Cuban, and Whitefish Poke will be on hand when your appetite gets going.

Adding to all the festivities, Man vs. Food host Casey Webb will be in attendance; judging the best cocktail at this year’s event. Musical performances will be headlined by Moon Hooch, a Brooklyn based band featuring a drummer and two saxophonist.

There will also be a a bespoke trumpeter, traditional Sitar and Tabla Indian Heritage music and a not-so-secret marching band.

Secret Summer has a farm-to-bar program, which is their way of sharing and celebrating happiness and a passion for quality ingredients and experiences. Utilizing the same ideology as the farm-to-table movement, all ingredients used in your drink will be prepared with raw, peak-season, locally sourced ingredients paired with the best quality spirits brands on the market.

Event producers Tyler Hollinger and Andrew Maturana produced the first Secret Summer in 2014 after noticing there weren’t any events that allowed brands to interact with people in a way that hasn’t been seen before. “We believe in depth as opposed to width.” Tyler says, “Your brand is able to tell its story and touch people with all five senses while putting together an immersive experience tailored to each brand or story.

Guests are able to experience and taste the products as well and become a fan for life because of their day at Secret Summer.” Hollinger and Maturana are most proud of their following and the love is mutual. Tickets were released to past attendees first and first day tickets sold out within two hours, with 95% of past attendees confirmed to be returning this year.

This shows the impact Secret Summer is quickly having within the community.  In addition to Secret Summer, Tyler and Andrew also put together a winter event called Aquarius, which celebrates sustainable fish and the environment every January.

Tickets for Secret Summer can be purchased by visiting secretsummer.com

Special thanks to Marisa Hebert of Marisa Hebert PR, Carlos Lacayo and Secret Summer for their assistance with this feature


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