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Dallas Stars: Free Agency Prep Begins After Two Drafts

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The Dallas Stars managed to survive the NHL Expansion Draft with little damage. In fact, the only asset the Stars lost was Cody Eakin.  The Stars did, however, make up for it (sort of) in the Entry Draft.  As the Stars drafted players they needed, they also picked one extra and later traded him.  Not long after being drafted, the Stars traded goaltender Dylan Ferguson for Marc Methot.

Marc Methot brings something to the Stars’ defensive game that it hasn’t seen in a while; size, physicality and a “stay at home” defenseman.  In the blink of an eye, part of the Dallas Stars weakness was fixed.  With the addition of Marc Methot, speculation is mounting as to who he will be paired with.

As luck would have it, the Stars have a defenseman who was deemed “top defenseman” but had no one else that would work with him well.  That young player’s name is John Klingberg.  A unique characteristic about him is that he is classified as an offensive defenseman.  Coupled with Methot might be what puts the younger Klingberg in a better position for success.  With that said, there are other defensemen available who can make this defense an better.

However, one may ask, “would one more defenseman be necessary with the talent on the team already?”  The answer that best fits here: Maybe. Who would fit well? A familiar name: Trevor Daley.  Daley was once a Dallas Star but found more success with the Pittsburgh Penguin winning two Stanley Cups.  Daley’s experience and familiarity with Dallas could benefit everyone involved.

With all this being said, the defense of the Stars has improved, the goalie situation has too, with the Ben Bishop trade and signing. Now the Stars can focus on bigger, more pressing issues.  Where the Stars need help now, is at the wing and center positions.

Center became iffy for the Stars when Eakin was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights.  However, there are a few players who could fit well in Dallas.  Justin Williams has been mentioned. Williams has won the Stanley Cup before, so his experience there would be invaluable.

When one looks at experience, a player like Patrick Marleau could bolster the Stars’ offense.  With that said,  Ales Hemsky and Patrick Sharp had their seasons shortened due to injury.

Each player should have his chance at redemption. This article is merely speculation, but a man like Trevor Daley on defense, a man like Justin Williams or even one of the Stars’ own from down in Austin should get their shot at helping the Dallas Stars. With that said, here are three players I’d put in the Stars lineup for reasons already mentioned.

Defense: Trevor Daley/Kevin Shattenkirk

Forward: Justin Williams/Patrick Marleau.

Possible call up, Gemel Smith. He can score, set up plays and fight. Smith needs a chance.

What happens now?  We shall see. And soon.

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