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Dating & Relationships: Why LuckyCrush Is A Next-Level Game-Changer During Lockdown

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With the COVID-19 pandemic that has kept all of us inside for the better part of three months now, a lot of things that we normally do as a society have been upended.

Everything from watching live sports, entertainment and social interactions have been disrupted and altered thanks to the coronavirus. Terms and verbs such as “social distancing” and #MaskUp are not part of our everyday jargon in terms of what political affiliation one leans towards.

One area where COVID-19 has changed and affected all of society is dating, relationships and sex. Thanks to the aforementioned social distancing guidelines, most men and women cannot even physically and intimately connect due to fears of spreading the virus or travel bans across various states, etc.

Due to this, online dating, chat lines and apps such as Zoom, Instagram and Tinder have seen a boom in both popularity and a way for people to stay in contact. In terms of dating, one new way for couples and strangers can connect is LuckyCrush.

While it is not a dating site. LuckyCrush is a chat site. It’s purely ephemeral. There is no physical meeting. The flirtation is virtual, starts on the site and ends on the site. Many people even use it to have naughty chats with strangers, anonymously.

And right now with the whole world pretty much in self-quarantine, Lucky Crush could be a game-changer in the world of dating. Thanks to seeing a 50% increase in registrations during and after COVID-19 global lockdown. As people couldn’t do it in-real-life.

How LuckyCrush works is that guys are matched with random girls and girls are matched with random guys, through live video chat. They can chat speaking out loud or write to each other while seeing each other on webcam. A new type of live random video chat site.

The chat site is available from desktop and any mobile device. The URL is https://www.luckycrush.live. There is no need to download any app.

How one can get started on LuckyCrush, you just have to select your gender and click start searching ». You can browse a few partners before you are asked to register to continue chatting unlimited.

Created in 2019, LuckyCrush boasts one million members from 100+ countries after only one year.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have touch-free deliveries, virtual porn and remote at-home workers could we soon be on the edge of random video chat, ephemeral dating and relationships?

Remember those private chat rooms from Yahoo and AOL back in the day? LuckyCrush takes that concept and goes one step further as it’s anonymous as users are free not to show their face and a username is the only thing that other members can see as they can freely chat with girls and strangers alike. It’s even prohibited to share personal details during cam chat on site to guarantee it remains safe and anonymous.

So, if you’re in the mood for something completely—and literally casual and no-strings attached—during lockdown and are feeling kinda kinky and in the mood for some virtual flirting, then LuckyCrush just might be up your alley.


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