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Different religions mean different beliefs. In the old days, it was hard to date a guy or girl in a different religion because of social issues. But now it is a common thing that happens. Even though it is very popular this is very different experience than dating someone who is in the same religion.

Both people are from different background and lifestyles. So, everything from daily routine to cultures it changes. It is a great challenge to succeed in that relationship. Sometimes you need to sacrifice your beliefs.

Are you ready to face some challenges? If yes then go for it. Nobody is going to stop you from this.

1. Difficult to convince the parents: When the boy and girl come from different religion, it will be different to get approval from their parents. If they don’t believe in their religion, then it will be easy. They will say ok to your relationship. But, if they are traditional and follows all religious rituals completely then they cannot easily allow this relationship.

From their lifestyle, food, culture and daily life routine may be different, and they cannot accept someone who follows a different culture. So, make sure you can convince both sides and proceed with your relation. When you go both sides, you need to adjust so much. If you can do that, then no need to think about anything else.

2. Ready to celebrate both festivals: Different religions celebrate different festivals. So, there will be festivals year along. Know more about your partner’s festivals and traditions. Celebrate both side’s festivals with respective families. Also, know how they follow the tradition and try to copy them.

You can try to ask some would you rather question related to the religion from here. If you can understand their religion and family well then, the relation will be smooth. Make sure not to compel your partner to follow as your tradition says. Let them believe in their own religion and beliefs. You can follow your own then no need to worry about mutual compatibility.

3. Food style varies: When it comes to food style of religions, each one varies. Some religion insists veg food and some other religion non- veg. So, when you follow one food style, it will be difficult for them to adjust in another region. The best thing you can do is not to compel to eat food they don’t like. You can have whatever you like but no need to implement it on your partner. Before marriage, you need to discuss everything. Share your demands, preferences, etc.

4. Discuss everything in advance: If you want to proceed this relationship, it is important to discuss everything in advance. You can follow your own beliefs or lead neutral life. But it’s up to you. You can decide what you want in future. If you can adjust to each other and follow both religions equally then, that will be the best choice. Religious incompatibility is a big problem, and you can check whether everything works out or not. If you need a peaceful life ahead, then discuss everything in advance and decide with everything.

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5. Separate beliefs: People with different religion follow different religions. Keeping an open mind is very important when you date someone with a different religion than you. One religion will have a god, rituals, beliefs, prayer, etc. but the other religion will follow a separate ritual for prayers. But when it comes to marriage, the tradition varies and some people follows both tradition and others will do a simple legal marriage. To avoid confusion in your life, it is better to follow a neutral belief or else perform the ritual on both sides. Give space to your partner, and you follow your own belief.

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How to manage differences in religious beliefs in a relationship

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