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Finding yourself a trustworthy platform to manage your cryptocurrency can be a challenge. Whether you’re an old-timer in the crypto world or a newcomer, navigating through the digital currency realm can be a tough task. However, the presence of Coinbase as a multi tasking platform has improved the expereince of many cryptocurrency holders on the internet. 

With multiple in-app features, Coinbase allows you to trade, sell and buy cryptocurrencies. As a trading platform, Coinbase offers a number of features like providing data for better trading to its users, real-time price alerts, easy transferring of crypto and a wonderful Coinbase customer support network. 

What are the best features of Coinbase?

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, wants to build an open financial system where more than a 100 million people can begin using cryptocurrencies to their advantage. 

Here’s how Coinbase is building a network of users through their trusted and secure services:

  1. Buying and selling of crypto: Coinbase specialises in the selling, buying and trading of various crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. They are a one-shop stop for all these functions. All the users have to do is open an account, attach their bank details and study the market well before they begin buying or selling crypto. Plus, the Coinbase customer support team is available 24×7 to provide support to their users in case they cannot understand something on the platform. 


  • Easy trading of crypto: Apart from just buying and selling of cryptocurrency, Coinbase also allows its users to trade their cryptocurrency with ease. Coinbase provides users with trading signals which is a compilation of data averages like top holder activity, typical hold time, popularity on Coinbase etc. These trading signals can siginificantly help users to decide when to trade their crypto and when to hold it without facing loss. 



  • Coinbase Wallet: Apart from an account on Coinbase, the platform also offers an e-wallet to its users where they can store their cryptocurrency. The wallet comes in the form of an app, which can be installed in the users’ phones and linked to the Coinbase account. Users can easily transfer their digital currency from their Coinbase accounts to their Coinbase wallet app. This way, a user can put all their digital assets in one place with private keys safegaurding each asset. 



  • Real-time price alerts on Coinbase App: Tracking cryptocurrency prices in real time can be a difficult task. It requires crypto investors to check various websites or applications at the same time, which can be quite inconvinient. However, Coinbase has a real-time price alert for all tradable assets on their app. This means that you’ll be able to receive the price alerts for any crypto that is on your watchlist on the app once the notifications are enabled. Not only this, but the users can contact the Coinbase customer service number if they wish to find out further details about the price alerts. 



  • Coinbase Customer Service Number: One of the best features of the website is the Coinbase customer support network. Their team is a group of professionals in the crypto economy business with knowlege on almost every subject matter. They are easily approachable for any issues faced by the users. All they have to do is dial the Coinbase customer service number, which is accessible from any location at any time. So, anytime a user feels like they’ve come across a hurdle that cannot be passed by their wit alone, they can use the help of the Coinbase customer support team. They are quick and efficient at their jobs to help the users sort out any issues with ease. 

The goal of Coinbase is to provide crypto users with information that can help them gain economic freedom overtime. As a crypto platform, Coinbase is trying to reshape the global financial system. They’re working on making their user interface simple to use, yet extremely helpful to its users. Their ultimiate mission is that even ten years down the line, when the digital economic system has grown, the users and owners of crypto continue to talk about their products with priase. 

So, if you’re beginning to trade crypto or just need a secure space to store your digital currency with the right amound of support, choose Coinbase and their elite Coinbase customer support team. 

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