Finally there are instructions again. But I haven’t been idle in the last few days, I have continued to spruce up my design. If you look at the header, for example, you will see that there is no longer a boring standard menu, but cool picture frames with the sub-items. It took me a lot of sweat and blood, but in the end it looks exactly what I wanted. How do you like the new menu?
I am also pleased that 17 people have already voted in my survey. I am beginning to understand what you want!
I would also like to warmly welcome all new readers here! I am glad that you are here – your feedback and your great comments make me really happy.
Incidentally, I took the criticism of a reader to heart and from now on the pictures are always a bit wider. I like it much better. And my texts are now justified because it just looks a bit tidier. If you have something that you think I could improve – please tell me, I’m open to any kind of criticism!
Enough of words, I will come straight to today’s instructions. The last few times we’ve been looking at chains and dangling earrings. Then I heard that one or the other did not own drop earrings at all. So, of course, I also thought of a little tidier for ear studs – which is very beneficial to me, because I also have a lot more ear studs than pendants, thanks to three additional ear holes. And it always has to fit together nicely.

So! The cork board will look like this at the end:

Do you want to know how to do it? I’ll show you!

  • A cork board  in the shape of your choice. If you want to make it easy for yourself like me, just use a cork trivet.
  • Wood decorations. I got it from the Listmann (handicraft shop in Mainz) – I was particularly impressed by the wooden banner. I also had a few wooden flowers at home that I also used.
  • Acrylics. You need a color of your choice to paint the cork board and colors to paint your decorative elements. I used light green, white and gray.
  • Cord  – at least I thought! Then I got the good idea that I could just use a discarded chain to hang it up. If you don’t have that, use parcel string.
  • Top. You know I can’t resist when it comes to lace.
  • And a scrap piece of fabric that goes well with your acrylic paints and that you like.
Step 1
First of all, the cork board is painted. If you like it natural or wood-colored, of course you don’t have to – I’d rather have a splash of color with me.
Then you paint your decorative elements.
Especially with the banner, I recommend that you first prime it in a light color and then shade it so that the shape comes into its own. I shaded it with gray so that the white writing is easy to read later.
step 2
Now it is the turn of the fabric. What is that even good for? So I actually thought something: If you want to stick the ear studs into the cork, you have to remove the fasteners beforehand. So that they don’t disappear and you never find them again (happens to me all the time …), you can keep the closures in the cloth bottle that we are now making with it.
First you cut a piece of the material in the shape I have drawn. It should look like this or something like this:
If you have a sewing machine at home, I recommend that you overcast the edges with a tight buttonhole stitch. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can coat the edges (very thin!) With fabric glue. This also prevents them from fraying.
step 3
And that is now glued on!
If you haven’t already done so, you can now shade your banner to add some depth. For example, it could look like this:
Step 4
Now you glue the tip all around.
Now you are ready to stick the banner and the other decorations. In addition, the banner is now labeled with a white gel pen. Of course, if your banner is white, the pen should be dark.
I’ve come up with something ingenious for the suspension. At first I wanted to hang the whole thing up on my parcel string, but then I had a much better idea. It occurred to me that I still have a chain with a broken clasp and I simply attached it to me with tacks in the cork – and I had a great suspension that also goes well with the style of the board.
If everything went well for you, your little organizer should now look something like this:
And that means it’s ready to be studded with earrings and hung on the wall!
So let’s do this now!
I wish you a lot of fun with your new cork board and I hope it goes well with the earring gallery and the chain rake, and the three of them don’t get into a fuss.
And while I was already in the process of getting my beauty corner in the bedroom tidy, I immediately put together an organizing system for my daily makeup – from old tin cans. So I always have everything close at hand and it doesn’t spread over a square meter on the dressing table.

So in the next tutorial I’ll show you how to give tin cans a new, pretty look with simple means.

And my evening design now looks like I’m going to take on this treasure here: I discovered this “side butler” earlier in REAL and I immediately transformed it mentally with my handicraft X-ray vision as it will look later. Of course, it doesn’t stay in a wood look, because I don’t like that at all. I plan to paint it in a shabby chic look. But first it’s time to sand down!

I wish you something! Until the next entry.

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