Every human being is born with something that differentiates them from the other. Some people are great teachers, some people are exceptionally good at sports, some people are straight-A students, some are amazing actors, and some people are born DJs.

Recognizing a talent is one thing, and being passionate about it and taking it to greater extents is another. Not everyone is courageous enough to make a difference in their respective industries with their passion. And not everyone uses their talent the right way either. One such outshining example is DJ Xclusive City, the Haitian-American DJ who is not only known for his talent, but also for putting it to the right use.

Being a part of the music industry requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and ceaseless efforts to reach the top. And all three criteria have been seamlessly met by the brilliantly talented, Xclusive City.

However, the one important thing that most people fail to acknowledge is that when someone is a part of the music world, there is also a lot of competition, and to make sure that one stands out from the rest of the DJs and steals the spotlight is versatility. Most DJs these days only play in crowds with a limited number of fans or those who have an interest in the DJ’s respective genre. But real success and recognition can only be earned when a DJ who has vast knowledge in different genres of music is able to transition between all types of genres in an open format. But again, not everyone has the ability to do so.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, DJ Xclusive City is one of the very few DJs around the globe who is known for entertaining a large crowd of audience. And all of his events are proof that his true gift is not just playing music, but it is versatility.

Xclusive City is the first Haitian-American DJ to have a mixshow slot on Orlando radio. He began mixing as a youngster, developed his skills in his basement and in the parks of Providence, RI and eventually promoted himself with mixtapes.

After he established himself in clubs, he started spinning on 104.5 The Beat (WTKS) and iHeartRadio Orlando and set up some side work as a tour DJ, beginning with a stretch of dates for Biggg Slim.

The talented mind, party rocking DJ, and radio personality has a unique vibe to his sets. Xclusive’s song selections are like an endless playlist and a reminder that songs are not just sounds, instead, they are a reflection of the DJ’s personality. With Xclusive, getting to know the tunes and what the track is all about is not really a struggle. His songs range from sizzling and saucy or ultra-hard and peppy, almost frantic as he fires off his sets.

Xclusive City has performed with a variety of different artists, including 50 Cent, Ludacris, Nas, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Pop Smoke, Tory Lanez, Plies, Nas, Wale, Maxwell, Biggg Slim, Dope Truth and Manny Solo.

Aside from the constant traveling, collaborations and performances, Xclusive City currently has a weekly mixshow Sunday VIBEZ alongside Power 105.1’s very own DJ Norie every Sunday at 9PM on 104.5 The Beat FM and iHeartRadio in Orlando, Florida.  Xclusive City also has an iTunes podcast that he updates frequently, reaching the ears of over 400,000 subscribers through iTunes and features a variety of free downloads.

Amid all the pandemic crisis, the DJ, again, brought the world back to life with his wildly cool live streams on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Mixcloud, Zoom and his newly announced Twitch platform as well. While engaging with his online audience, Xclusive City plays the hottest new tunes as well as your favorite throwback tracks.  Featured artists and DJs also participate in these live streams as periodic guests with live performances and interviews and the goal of it all is to share the platform with emerging artists and DJs to help develop their global visibility.

Xclusive says, “I want to give the fans, who have been so good to me, something to be happy about and motivate them, despite these difficult times. I want you to take these experiences and grow. A pandemic can and will not stop us.”

You can follow DJ Xclusive City on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or visit his official website to keep up with his every move as he solidifies himself as one of the greatest upcoming DJs in the game.

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