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NBA : Doc Rivers Thinks Rondo, KG And Pierce Will Coach

We had a chance to hear a lot of Doc Rivers in the media over this past summer. This year is different. He is not coach of the Boston Celtics anymore.

He was back in town to host a charity event and talked about the Celtics and Celtic-related topics. The most interesting one was when talking about former players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo and thinking that all three will be coaches in pro basketball after they finish their careers.

You can see that Pierce would be a perfect coach. He is a good leader, knows how to talk in media and say all the right words, has great basketball IQ and knows the game, of course.

But when it comes to Rondo and KG, there are a lot of questions about their coaching skills.

We all know Rondo can be difficult sometimes as he has the reputation of being standoff-ish, and that is because of the media.

He is not really that bad, you can have some problems with him now and then, but not as much as people who are not after the Celtics closely think. As a point guard, Rondo understands the game, has a high basketball IQ and he can coach the offense right now, if he really wants and puts his mind into it.

How about KG? I don’t know about you, but if KG is coaching a team, I would buy a ticket just to watch him yelling at his players and dealing with guys with big egos and telling them to sit on the bench. He can be a great motivator and he can probably handle big egos, but how good can he do it?

This is very interesting topic. Out of all three players, Paul Pierce has the best chance to be the coach in NBA, but don’t be surprised if The Truth and KG meet in 2030 NBA Finals, coaching their teams, with Rajon Rondo watching the game from the stands because Garnett’s team knocked out his in Conference Finals.

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