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Does Anyone Smell The Smoke? Pick a Fire, Smoke and Soot Restoration Service in Your Area!

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By Charlie Brown

Uncontrolled fire can be deadly for any household. It can damage the house structure, take away the precious furniture, drapes, carpets, and showpieces you must have collected over the last few years.

Even after the fire department responds promptly and puts the fire out, the incident leaves its mark on the wallpapers, walls, remaining furniture, and other undamaged rooms, and everywhere the smoke can reach.

Smoke and soot are the two minions that work with fire to damage property. Experiencing fire inside your home is devastating, but the marks left by its minions is quite distressing as well.

In the event of a fire damage, you need to have the contact of efficient restoration services. You can check this fire restoration company, which specializes in smoke restoration processes and soot cleanup. The smell of smoke can loom large inside your household for months even after you remove the visible marks of the fire. It can be emotionally distressing for the residents to smell the smoke every time they enter the home. It is a bitter reminder of the loss and the devastation due to the fire.

What is a good restoration process?

An excellent restoration process usually starts immediately after the fire department declares the house safe. It means that that fire damage restoration service should be a 24×7 service, which can promise to restore your home within possible time.

Emergency service at your doorstep

Once there, the inspector and engineers can determine the extent of the damage. They can even speak with the fire department officials to get official statement regarding the scope of the invisible damage, although they have their own technology and equipment to do so.

They should be able to provide emergency support to internal structures. Roofs and load bearing beams can suffer critical damage during a house fire. It is the restoration company’s responsibility first to assess the danger and then add support or replace necessary structures to keep the home safe for everyone.

Soot balls are only cute in anime

Cleanup of soot can be challenging. Soot can get everywhere and stay there unless you forcefully scrub them off. Simple dusting and vacuuming cannot take care of soot particles stuck inside the air vents and crannies of the plumbing system. Experts know where soot tends to hide and they have environmentally friendly ways of extracting soot from the impossible places. Soot in the air vents is not just a nuisance for white wallpaper, drapes and light colored furniture, the high carbon content of the air inside the home, post fire, can be deleterious to your health as well.

Some of the household items will need refurbishing and restoration, and some will need replacement. Most homeowners become too emotional during the sorting process. What you need is an active, logical guidance system to help you sort your home furniture and belongings. Most of the times, this guidance system is an expert restoration company, which is trying to give you back the comforts of a healthy home.

Why does it smell smoky in here?

That is not all. Even after the soot removal, you might feel uncomfortable in your own home due to the residual smell of smoke. You see, cotton, linen, wool, wood, and a myriad of other natural fibers love to absorb the smell. It is especially easy for them to absorb strong smells like that of burning wood, sulfur and numerous other household stuff you can imagine. It is quite like the time someone had smoked in the living room, and you could not get the smell out for days. Except for this time, the entire house got a good deal of smoke exposure, and even weeks will not be enough to drive the smell away. Good restoration companies have the latest eco-friendly cleaners, which can wipe a household clean of all smoke odors and other unpleasant burning smells before the residents move in.

Water damage from dousing the fire

Most of the times, the fire officials use water to extinguish the flames. This can leave your living room in a flood of soot water floating your furniture and gadgets around. You may be able to replace most of your electronics using your insurance, but what about the water-soaked wooden floors and the damage to the insulation and plumbing? Do you still want to use your precious collectible rug?

A good fire restoration company also takes care of this post-fire flooding problem. From pumping out water from your home, fast drying the space, and dehumidifying the area to disinfecting the space, it all falls under the common responsibility of a 5-star service from a restoration company.

Fire restoration is a solemn duty. When you are picking a restoration company to help you out with post-fire home rescue and damage control operations, always check their reviews online. You can check them out on Yelp, Facebook, and other social networks.

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