Whether planning to sell soon or at some distant point in the future, perhaps it is time to start boosting property value by making a few smart investments. Although every house that is about to be listed needs some repairments, smart investing goes a step further or around the house, to be precise. When selling, the usual house face-lift is a must, but the extra money and real profit will come from sprucing up the outdoor area. Landscaping does increase your home value, while the percentages vary in different studies, from 12% to 20%. Besides the financial aspect that will suit you fine, landscaping has more benefits that will charm potential buyers, such as check out Sacramento arborists for garden care advice, and will help you to close the deal with no trouble.

Economic benefits of landscaping

Now that you know where the real profit is, take time to think about the amount of money you plan to invest in landscaping, as well as the type of the outdoor improvements, since not every shrub planting will pay off. Usually, the budget for landscaping should not exceed 5% of your home value. Investing money in the well-designed landscape will bring you profit as long as you keep it low-maintenance. Keep in mind that outdoors that require hard work, like huge lawn and expensive maintenance, will turn away buyers. On the other hand, good landscaping with proper selection of plants and clever layout can act as insulation and lower electricity bills up to 20%, which is a great selling point.

Environmental benefits

Landscaping is environment-friendly since the roots of trees and shrubs filter pollutants from the rainwater and prevent water pollution. As mentioned earlier, proper landscaping can decrease usage of energy to control the temperature in the house and lower the electric bills. Needless to mention, but still, landscaping provides a natural refuge for insects, birds or squirrels that use plants and trees as a source of food and shelter. Reducing carbon footprint has become a trend that is here to stay, so these particular features are quite appealing to the rising number of environmentally aware people.

Things to consider regarding the property

If you plan to resell your home, the best way to do it is to have a potential buyer in your mind. Do your homework, research on the real estate market to compare prices and to see if there is something particular in buyer’s demands. For example, the market has changed given that millennials are the ones who own a big percentage of purchasing power. They are not into swimming pools or sports courses, but low-maintenance instead. Also, privacy is very important, so make sure to have a fence and a wall of high plants or trees. Furthermore, many buyers look for an outbuilding in the yard that can be additional living space, an office or summer kitchen.

Things to consider regarding the design

To create the perfect backyard, establish a focal point in your garden. Whether it is a patio or a fireplace, design a garden that will gather family and friends at some spot, but keep it accessible and functional. Even with the tall plants and trees, small urban gardens rarely offer enough privacy, so consider outdoor awnings that will block the view downwards and create an intimate atmosphere in the sitting space. Also, urban gardens can seriously benefit from some water features that will neutralize the sounds in high traffic areas. Make a smart choice with the paving, especially if you have a terrace and avoid concrete.

See it from a buyer’s angle

Same as you will clean your house before visitors come to see it, make sure that your garden looks neat. Pluck the weed and mow the lawn. Trim the hedges and shrubs and store gardening tools out of sight. Your garden must look inviting, well-ordered and effortlessly beautiful. Bear in mind that because of the buyers working hours, most of the viewings will happen in the late afternoon or evening hours. To make the best possible impression, consider investing in some garden lighting that will make your garden noticeable and enchanting. Lights can do wonders in any space, so use their magic to attract buyers like moths.

More things to do

Consider reducing your lawn since not everybody is crazy about mowing. That way you will save time, water and energy and will increase property value. The best possible investment you can make is planting trees and remember that as the tree matures, the value of your property will grow each year. Check the soil to make sure your garden will thrive. Plant evergreens and perennials since they come in beautiful colors and look fabulous throughout the year. Install bird feeders to welcome little guests that will fill your garden with lovely sounds and help you get rid of some pests.

Things not to do

Stay away from unidentified plants, no matter how nice they look since they can cause a huge problem. For example, Japanese knotweed can grow roots up to the four inches a day, causing severe structural damage to the property. Although trees are great, don’t plant them too close to the house because you risk damaging the foundations. Make the space between the trees and the house at least 10 feet for small trees and 30 feet for the big ones. And don’t mix styles. If you have a rustic home, the modern garden just won’t fit.


Quality landscaping is a safe investment that will pay off even before you sell. No matter how long until the return on investment, you will be able to enjoy a new attractive surrounding in comfortable privacy of your backyard. Dwell in that little pocket of nature right in your home and happily wait for the day when a buyer will come and fall in love with your creation.


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