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George Zimmerman : Don’t Like People “Standing Their Ground”?

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s inconsistent application of one’s ideology.  If you’re going to check all your thoughts through a political ideology before expressing yourself, then you should at least do so consistently, across the board, to everything equally.

It really drives me nuts when people take a concept, use it to defend their ideals, but then ignore that same concept when it doesn’t work for them or in fact works directly against them.  I just see it as straight hypocrisy, and I’m going to call it out right here and now, try to help nip this movement in the bud:

I have seen many people on “the left” complaining about so called “Stand Your Ground” laws recently, in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.  They’re signing petitions to have them revoked, condemning the actions of Zimmerman, who they believe was let out as a result of S.Y.G. laws, and generally making a ruckus about self-defense and gun ownership overall.

I have two problems with this.  First of all, there’s the obvious problem that those same people shout that Marissa Alexander in Jacksonville should be free based upon “stand your ground” laws, showing that they DO in fact like the laws, just only when conveniently applied to someone they deem worthy.

Secondly, this stance is inconsistent with some overall “left” platforms and common things I hear Democrats say.  On the issues of abortion and gay marriage I hear Democrats say constantly “If you don’t like abortions/gay marriage, don’t have one”.

Now I should be clear I agree with this sentiment.  What I don’t agree with, is their inconsistent application of the concept that “if something doesn’t involve you unless you actively involve yourself in it, then you shouldn’t have a problem with it”.

“Stand your ground” laws-when properly applied-require an attacker to attack you.  That is THEIR choice.  If YOU have chosen to attack me, YOU are choosing to involve yourself, to put yourself at the risk of being hurt or even killed with me under the protection of SYG laws.  It was not my choice.  It was yours.

So I say to you Democrats, leftists, and other Trayvon Martin supporters and “stand your ground” law protesters: be consistent.  If you don’t like people “standing their ground”, don’t attack them.  That’s the easiest way to avoid being killed by someone under the protection of “stand your ground” laws; not attacking them.  Because without that, there is both no need to stand one’s ground, and no protection under the law if they harm you.

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One thought on “George Zimmerman : Don’t Like People “Standing Their Ground”?

  1. Great article. My sentiments exactly. I can’t stand hypocrisy from the left or right. Glad someone feels the way I do about it.

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