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If you’re bored of binge-watching shows and movies or your regular shooting and racing games, here’s something different for you. We’ve got you three mobile gaming apps that are a must-have for any kind of a gamer – be it a novice or someone practiced. So without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it:

1. Carcassonne 

Carcassonne makes a wonderful pick for this list. It’s one of those games that have the longevity to keep you playing for hours. You can play it alone or get the entire family along – Carcassonne is just a worthwhile app for your gaming collection. It’s a tile-based app that allows players to build a medieval city. So you can place your roads, cities, fields, and keep enlarging your landscape for your followers. Each aspect is implemented beautifully, offering isometric visuals and cleaner animations. The AI components are aggressive, and a few in-app purchases provide an exclusive experience.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

The Jigsaw Puzzles app by Easybrain comes with eye-pleasing high-definition images ranging from different categories like Animals, Landscape, Medieval, and more. With more than 5000 different pictures, you can never get bored. The application is easy to use, has a clean interface, no annoying advertisements – just pure gameplay. You can adjust the level of difficulty by selecting the number of pieces and play at your pace. You’ll find unique puzzles every day, plus it’s apt for both beginners and expert players. Unlike a physical board game, you don’t lose your pieces or need to invest in new puzzles every time. Having a jigsaw app on your phone is convenient, fun, and super addictive. Take up a challenge now, and you won’t be able to put it down. 

3. Through The Ages

This is a wonderfully streamlined app that’s relatively easy to understand as opposed to its tabletop version. It has a lot to explore, exploit, expand, and eliminate. Through the Ages is a delight to play card-game where your aim is to earn points and build a civilization. You complete the wonders, beat your opponents, and bring about changes in the military and government officials while ensuring that your own workers don’t protest. You also get warnings for when your force is about to hold a strike or if you’re short on resources. The visuals cram a lot of stuff without feeling too overwhelming and also manage to bring out a three-dimensional illusion. With minimal downtime, the game has a lot of elements going on at once. But the bookkeeping is all taken care of for you. This way, you can focus just on playing the game rather than the other aspects.

So these are our top three picks. Our favorite one is the simple-yet-challenging Jigsaw Puzzles app, which is also an excellent dose of your daily entertainment. However, all three are good-to-go options. So download your favorite game right away and experience the addiction.

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