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Entertainment: Steven Spielberg Wants To Remain In The Saddle To Direct Indiana Jones Reboot

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The word is already out there that Disney intends to reboot the Indiana Jones series. In fact, last month it came to light that Chris Pratt was being sized up for Indy’s leather jacket and fedora, as well as his handy whip and pistol accessories – items that make artifact recovery so much easier.

Now when it comes to remakes/reboots of classic movie properties, it’s understandable that fans may be a slight bit trepidatious. Actually, fans can and have become quite hostile in the past at the thought of somebody tampering with movies they hold dear.

Perhaps the news that Steven Spielberg wants to direct Pratt in the Indy reboot will put fans more at ease.

According to Deadline, if the script is to Spielberg’s liking, he want’s to be the director to handle Indy’s reboot. However, the project is still in it’s early stages of development, so there is not yet a completed script for Spielberg’s perusal.

While Spielberg would maintain the visual some could make a case for having a different director take on the reboot, while still having Spielberg produce. Many still insist that Harrison Ford should be cast do a fifth film as Indy, despite the poor reception of Crystal Skull. And yet, there are some that simply want the series to stop where it is.

Perhaps the best avenue would be for Spielberg to direct the first of a reboot series to help set the tone, and then hand it off to director who can continue on and do the series justice.

Pratt is set to start working on Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven and then will likely follow that up with Cowboy Ninja Viking. Spielberg is currently in post production on St. James Place and has already begun pre-production on his next film, The BFG (no it’s not about that gun from the video game DOOM).

With both of them tied up in projects at present this gives the studio some time to get writers going on a script that hopefully Mr. Spielberg will deem worthy of directing. Despite his busy schedule, there’s always the possibility that Spielberg will utilize what little free time he’ll have and write an Indiana Jones script of his own.

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