By Laura Buckler

Nowadays there are a horde of different business ideas that you can turn to as a startup. In the modern age you’re split for choice and ensuring you choose the right one that matches your skillset is important.

For those of you that are struggling to come up with original ideas then here is a list of 10 that you might find intriguing:

1. Tiny houses

There is a high demand by students and travelers alike for small or even tiny houses that represent low cost and comfortable living. However, these houses are unconventional, they are on wheels which means they can be moved around in a given space in a flexible manner, kind of like an RV.

They cost about $10,000 each and provide a lot of practicality. It’s a business idea that will receive a lot of attention from the housing marketplace as the demand is certainly there.

2. Healthy fast food

Fast food works because it’s perfect for the fast paced modern environment where some people don’t have enough hours in the day to work. However, in some places around the world there is basically no choice when it comes to healthy fast food options.

Due to growing health problems people are becoming increasing health conscious, and if you provide a healthy fast food alternative to what’s out there you’ll capture a gap in the market.

3. Delivery services

Nowadays the lion’s share of the sales can be gained online and companies need reliable delivery services to get those products delivered to customers. If you can offer faster and cheaper deliver services than what’s already out there in a given marketplace then you’ll be on to a winner.

You can get creative with what can be delivered, anything from laundry to groceries. By capturing a gap in the market there is a lot of money to be made for deliveries. That’s because people are always on the lookout to do something more efficiently and save time.

4. Virtual reality

VR technology is receiving a lot of money in terms of funding and development and soon enough it will become a practical component of society. Positioning yourself to provide a VR related service can make you a pioneer in the industry and earn you hordes of money in the process.

You don’t have to be tech savvy either to create a VR based business. You just need to understand the technology in terms of what its practical uses might be and take advantage of it.

5. Business consulting

A number of businesses need guidance on ethics and its becoming a bigger consideration for a modern business than ever before. That’s because public perception of a business is important, and typically ethics are related to legality. If somethings not ethical then it’s probably also against the law for a business.

You could create a startup that’s based on helping other businesses find their personal identity and in the process make society a better place.

6. Rent out website

It might seem like an odd concept at first but instead of selling fully built websites you could rent them out to businesses. A developer would maintain a website on a monthly basis and receive a monthly fee for the operation. This is a great way of building up recurring income at scale once you see that the first few work correctly.

7. Premium quality pet food

People love their pets and they will go the extra mile to ensure that they get the best. Therefore, you can find a gap in the market at the premium food end of the market where the food is high quality. Low quality pet food can lack nutrients and not provide the right stuff for the pets to fully develop. Therefore, a high quality product in the marketplace will sell at a fast pace and easily be accepted by the marketplace.

8. Educational technology

An increasing number of schools are allowing students to bring in tech into the classroom such as iPads, laptops and tablets. You could introduce a range of tech products for the classroom that work fast, are portable, sturdy and produce a small volume of noise under operation.

You can also integrate such technology with other services such as online tutoring software, essay services and translation software.

9. Activity based bars

In your local area there might be a bar on almost any corner, however the average millennial wants a fun packed experience with something a little extra. Activities with mini arcades and bowling alleys are just some of the ideas some bars are using to add a little spice to their establishment.

10. Subscription services

A subscription box can be created for just about anything, from a favourite collection of makeup to some speciality food from overseas. You can create a custom subscription box service that others haven’t offered to the marketplace. Consider where there is a gap in the market and take full advantage of it.


Up to 90% of startups fail, which means you need to be very careful about the idea that you choose to implement. The ideas based above are all that can make you successful when the right implementation is chosen. Make sure that you select something you’re going to be enthusiastic about. This enables you to pour hard work into the business on a daily basis.

Author Bio: As a copywriter, Laura Buckler works for numerous businesses and industry niches. As a writer, she concentrates mostly on web content and blog posts. She spends a lot of time with her family, and spends her working week as a part-time writer. Follow her on twitter.

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