Cable Tie Mounts

The main reason to use the cable tie mounts is to tie up the bundles of wires properly. It helps in providing a clean and neat appearance along with proper sorting of the wires. The sorted wire bundles enable the identification of the different segregation that diversifies into different parts.

Benefits of cable tie mounts:

The cable ties will enable the worker or professional to work on basis of few factors they are:

  • It is essential to maintain a clear difference between high voltage wirings and low voltage wirings. The expert can easily create bundles of low voltage and high voltage separately.
  • The wiring is not only limited to electrical lines. The datacom lines, signal lines, and also voltage conductors need an individual line. The cable tie mounting will create different bundles separately is neat and easy to handle in the future.
  • The convenience of finding out the cable enclosure is possible.

What are the common uses of cable tie mounts?

Many colorful wires tied up in bundles. The different blue, red and yellow wires are segregated for proper and on-time maintenance and prevent damages. The cable tie mounts is of various types the common uses of the different cable ties are as follows:

  • Heavy-duty cable ties: Heavy cable lines for electrical supply need these heavy-duty cable lines. It has the features of an inbuilt lock-in system that avoids any kinds of accidents.
  • Push mounting ties: Push mounting ties, it is one of the easy and fastest for fastening the bundles of wires. The mounting device is available for the bundles, it is fixed with adhesive or screws.
  • Double-headed cable ties: It is the simplest and best way to segregate two bundles with double-headed cable ties. The two bundles separate without any addition of fixtures.
  • Hook and loop cable ties: It is reusable cables that can be for any temporary fixing and separating of wires. The hook and loop cable ties can be tied and released many times.
  • Stainless steel cable ties: One of the most durable is the stainless steel cable ties that are highly resistant to fire, radiation, and vibration. It can withstand high temperatures.

How much is the durability of cable tie mounts? Are they reusable?

The tensile strength of the cable ties plays an essential role in determining their durability. The extra heavy-duty cable ties have the highest durability that has a tensile strength of 175 lbs. Depends upon the strength and durability a variety of cable tie mountings are placed in lifts, electrical lines.

The heavy-duty ties are for the manufacturing industries as the supply of electricity for light and machinery is high. As the ties fastened can withstand heat, it is durable and lasts long with fewer chances of damages. Few cable ties are reusable that can be tied and released, with the features of easy pulling and tail out procedure.

The types of reusable cable tie mounts are as follows:

  • Beaded cable ties: It is one of the most durable and reusable cable ties that beaded cable ties are preferred. It is for withstanding the harsh weather. Variants in colors and materials of the beaded cable ties have a simple way of locking and unlocking the ties.
  • Hook and loop ties: Few color variants are available in the hook and loop ties. It is easy to use due to the flexibility, best for fragile wirings.

The cable tie mounts are necessary for wiring segregation in large numbers. It is easy for experts to deal with hundreds of wires in large areas conveniently. It is best to use cable tie mounts instead of wasting time sorting wire lines for hours.

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