We all know those women who always manage to look polished and put-together regardless of the occasion. They consistently look chic and well-dressed, and they do it so effortlessly that it makes it easy for envy to start to creep in.

The truth is, these women don’t have any superpowers nor do they know something no one else does. In fact, it’s all about sticking to several style rules that these women with timeless style tend to follow religiously. Curious? Scroll down and take notes.

Dress for your body shape

Dressing in line with your body shape is one of the golden rules in the book of every sartorial aficionado. It’s what makes a woman look her best, even if she’s wearing some of the most basic outfit combinations.

Whether we’re talking about a fitted dress, a structured blazer, or a simple pair of jeans and a white tee, wearing clothes that flatter your body shape will ensure your style appears elegant and timeless regardless of whether the items you’re wearing are trendy or not. Learn as much as you can about cuts and styles that work best for you and shop your shape. That way, you’ll manage to camouflage the areas you’d rather play down while emphasizing your best features.

Only wear trends that complement your classic pieces well

When talking about timeless style, the rule of thumb is to focus primarily on classic pieces (trench coats, LBDs, etc.). The reason for that is simple – garments like these never go out of style, and they’re always a safe bet. However, it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate a piece of women’s trendy clothing here and there to spruce up your wardrobe. Not only are trendy pieces ideal for putting a fun twist on classic outfits, but they also make shopping easier. Besides, pairing trendy items with classic ones can be a fun challenge where you can let your personality shine through.

Therefore, instead of wearing strictly classic pieces, feel free to experiment with what’s en vogue from time to time. Use your clothes and accessories as tools for self-expression, but remember to only embrace those trends that work for you.

Accessorize with simplicity in mind

Just like wearing ill-fitting clothes, going overboard with accessories is a surefire way to ruin an entire outfit. Accessories are there to spruce up an already great outfit, tie the elements together, and help you look more polished. As such, they’re an essential part of every #ootd, and foregoing them altogether is just as big of a fashion faux pas as overacessorizing.

To achieve a timeless look, you want to take a more simplistic approach when it comes to accessorizing. Follow the motto “Less is more”, investing in timeless add-ons that’ll seamlessly take your outfits from one season to another. From staple footwear and leather handbags to timeless watches and a quality pair of sunglasses, a few simple accessories go a long way in highlighting a classic look without taking the focus away from you and your amazing personality.

Embrace a minimalist color palette

When it comes to achieving a classic, timeless style, you want to keep things fairly simple. The simpler your outfits are, the better. Aside from paring down on accessories, you also want to keep your wardrobe color palette pretty minimal. Neutral colors such as black, white, beige, gray, and navy are classic options that never go out of style. While wearing trendy colors can be fun, if you want your outfits to retain that timeless appeal, stick with neutrals.

Other than being easy to mix and match with other neutrals in your capsule wardrobe, these classic hues look amazing when worn individually as a part of a monochromatic outfit. When in doubt, opt for an all-black outfit which always looks classic and chic. It’ll take the guesswork out of choosing your everyday outfits, making your mornings run smoothly.

Develop a personal dress code and stick to it

Speaking of getting dressed in the morning with ease, another way to simplify the process is to develop a personal dress code that you can easily follow. This rule is about figuring out what works well for your lifestyle while being comfortable and stylish.

This might take some time since not everyone is clear on what their personal style preferences may be. Feel free to browse around and gather inspiration, whether from style bloggers or your favorite celebrities. Once you learn what works best for you, stick with it. Stock up on pieces included in your go-to outfit formula, and you’ll always have something to wear.

Wrapping up

While it may seem complex, achieving timelessness with your sartorial choices is rather simple. It’s all about following a few simple rules that’ll help you create polished and classic outfit combinations every single time. Once you master the classic look, you’ll have no trouble emulating the timeless vibe you’re going for – naturally and effortlessly.


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